Camille Over the Rainbow

Security blanketTuesday, February 11 2014

Ph. Sandra Semberg

As the mercury continues to average dangerously low in NYC (tip: when your stiletto-clad toes stop tingling, you know it’s time to crash the nearest Starbucks and down a cuppa – preferably spiked – hot something if amputation is to be avoided), I seek out new ways to partake in Spring dressing (key when attending FW shows. Don’t ask) without forsaking a limb.

So how am I going to pull off my chosen silhouette –lightweight bomber over tailored chinos-without going into hypothermia?

Two words for ya. Cuddly outerwear.

Yes, that’s totally a thing.

Now I like a good camel coverup(I was going to make a lewd ‘not to be confused with’ joke there, and decided to spare you. Clearly am not as, err,free spirited as some)as much as the next effortless dresser. And I have a great camel coverup. In fact, I have two. But I also like options. Who doesn’t? And for all its verve, the bathrobe can’t be asked to put in all the winter work. Fortunately, the mochateddybear coat, as per Max Mara’s instructions, is just as credible on the fashion scene these days as any other neutral staple.Not to mention adds true pimp allure to sporty tailoring (your Spring-Summer 14 trend of choice).Part grizzly, part soft toy, this drape-over-anything outer piece is the adult version of the security blanket.

Kimunderstood that literally and uses hers as a duvet wherever she goes – let’s just be thankful she didn’t take it the other way and release a new home-movie, one in which she proves via high-end styling credentials that she deserves that VOGUE cover she has long been running after.

Not chic.

Whereas the above, I hope you would agree, most certainly is.

Coat: Ganni (AW14 – coming soon) || Bomber: Mango || Pants: Mango || Shoes: Mango || Shirt: Mango || Bag: Chanel || Sunglasses: And Other Stories|| Earring: Sophie Bille Brahe