Camille Over the Rainbow

Rewind and poseTuesday, May 6 2014

Ph. Renzo Franco

Perhaps it was the weather. Or maybe the limited array of mainly fit for a festival-wear that I had on offer in my portable wardrobe (I packed thinking I was only away for Coachella, after all). Or even my running into Queen of Rock-Chick, Kate Bosworth, while in town. Probably a mix, but fact is, LA had me dressing like my former teenage self always would. Barely there leathers. Unfastened studded booties (the mostcomfortableI own). The usual messy mane.

To be continued. I hope.

Knit: One Teaspoon || Shorts: LNA || Boots: Anine Bing || Bag: Saint Laurent || Necklace: LUV AJ || Sunnies: Anine Bing