Camille Over the Rainbow

Messy hair, do careSunday, July 20 2014

ORIBE Dry Texturising Spray / Image via Tumblr

As you may have noticed on account of general scruffiness and me banging on about it whenever I get the chance, I divorced hair-dryersa long time ago. Hair brushes too.Fingertips and a good old towel-rub do very well to keep me looking presentable while requiring minimal effort on a daily basis.

That said, on the rare occasions I can’t afford to be the girl with dripping locks and a wet patch on the back, and I do have to dry my hair the modern way, it falls super straight, which I hate. Luckily, I recently got my hands on ORIBE’s invisible texturising spray which helps work an effortless mess into annoyingly slippery washed locks.