Camille Over the Rainbow

Urban nomadsThursday, September 11 2014

Rodebjer Spring-Summer 2015

Naturally I was always going to travel all the way to the big apple only to fall head over heels for yet another scandi label. Am I really that predictable? It would appear so…

And for good reason. For Rodebjer has been on my radar for a few seasons now, but I am yet to own a slice of this super-yummy sartorial cake. Burnt toffee and liquorice black, as well as sugar white hues treaded the Bowery’s marble floors, while a chic crowd of understated blondes furiously snapped away on their iPhones, desperate to catch on camera the effortless ease of these boho-meets-tailored silhouettes. Combining the raw with the sharp, the collection had a rich yet clean allure, expressing laid-back luxury with a streetwise and ethnic edge. Frayed edges and fringes gave substance to the garments, yet there was a simplicity to the looks that only a born-and-bred scandinavian could ever achieve.

Time to figure out how to have my cake and eat it, then.

And by cake, I obviously mean this rose-pink macaroon ensemble.