Camille Over the Rainbow

In the blanket businessThursday, October 30 2014

Ph. Sandra Semburg / Jonathan Paciullo

‘Tis always during those fateful weeks when thy is expected to pull out all the sartorial stops, that one becomes worryingly self-conscious about the content of thy wardrobe (see: I cannot move for the tidal-wave of clothes drowning my living room, yet somehow, as ever, find myself with nothing to wear..).

Hashtag shit fashion girls say.

Hashtag life.

Hashtag shoot me now for both # abuse and self-indulgent dwellings of the worst kind.

Flashback to LFW it is. In my sorry state of first world problems, heightened by a full-awarnessness of how lucky I actually am, the solution came wrapped in a little black box. Which is obviously not the answer and merely giving said world (and, more alarmingly, my roommate) yet another reason to call me a spoilt brat with a spending problem.

I hear ya, World, I do.

(You too, Jen.)

I hear ya, and I raise ya with a global traveler-motif and front slit wrap-skirt that could be mistaken forWest Elm’s latest it-rug.

For what better time to come clad in a blanket than during London’s most fashionable happening? Everyone else will be at it thanks to Christopher Bailey who swadled his Burberry girls in monogramed ponchos. Not to mention Stella’s cozy riff on the shawl. Why, even Chanel ditched the tweed to deal out fuel for the Dallas buyer club (see what I did there?).

So take note: blankets are the new coat, and while the sun is still shining I will make do with a blanket ensemble, the argument being that the best way to tackle a trend is to get in nice and early.

Over the shoulders, or round the waist. It’s all the same game.

I win, World! Sorry Jen.

Knit: Isabel Marant || Skirt: Isabel Marant(more sizes) || Shoes: Alexander Wang || Watch: Larsson & Jennings