Camille Over the Rainbow

The naked truthWednesday, October 15 2014

Revitalash Advanced

Despite my French pedigree and my firm upbringing as a true parisian, after moving to England, I became quite heavy handed with the eyeliner brush. It was only after spending so much time in Denmark and in the company of those exquisitly unpolished danish girls that I began to realise how drastically my makeup habits had changed since crossing the pond.

In Scandiland, you see, the only way to wear your lashes is bare… And there was I, a French girl, running around, a full coat of black pigment over my eyes. Still, for all their nakedness, all the local fresh faces seemed to boast super-thick, extra-curved lashes, to the point where I could not help but wonder whether they were in fact real. How could they be? Surely an entire nation could not be blessed with the gift of great eyelash game.

I was sceptical.

And very jealous.

Until the day one of them pulled me aside and shoved this little magic tube into my hand. “This will do the trick”, she promised. It’s funny how quickly I have gone from a full face of paint every day to as little as I can get away with. Now I will only wear mascara if I really want to, to make an impact.

In the meanwhile, I have been using this for a month now, and my lashes are sexier than ever. Go on, give it a go. Your wallet might weep for a day or two, but your eyes will not! Trust me.