Camille Over the Rainbow

WangomaniaFriday, October 17 2014

Ph. Serena Goh

There were kamikaze fighters falling from the ceiling. There were giant trampolines. There was a racing track. There were foam hands, popcorn and hotdogs. There was Missy Elliot in a puffa jacket and sports-bra. Team Wang knocked the fashion set out of Central Park and all the way to harlem for the big unveil of his collection for high-street superstar, H&M, last night. And the crowd sure got its freak on to celebrate this killer collection!

Sitting on the black sparkly bleachers at sports venue Fort Washington Avenue Armoury in New York yesterday, I snapchatted an ab-bearing, lycra-clad Joan Smalls to my soon-to-be personal trainer with the caption: “We need to talk”.

For I might get away with hiding under his gargantuan Wang-embossed sweatshirt today, but this shall be my only get out of gym free card. Thank god someone is making sure I take the road down to the fitness room. I have until November 6th. Then I can wear my sexy, quick-dry performance wear from the boxing ring to the club. Ready. Set. GO.

Sweatshirt: Alexander Wang for H&M (available 6th Nov) || Skirt: Ann-Sofie Back || Pumps: Alexander Wang || Backpack: Alexander Wang for H&M (available 6th Nov)