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Subway silksMonday, November 24 2014

Harper's Bazaar China by Jonas Bresman - July 2014

Harper’s Bazaar China – July 2014

Part blazer, part tent, this exquisite double-breasted jacket signé Dior is hardly your average commuter uniform. In fact, were I ever to get my hands on such an exquisitely crafted piece of white satin, I would probably not be so bold as to take it for a ride on the tube.

Come to think of it, given my track record, I should never be allowed near immaculate whites, satiny or otherwise. In fact, I have recently rediscovered the lighter shades—camel, grey, beige, clay—in a major way, and let me tell you, the dry cleaning budget is far above my wildest calculations (my Malbec tendencies are the main culprit here). Until all-black is back on the cards, I think we shall be sticking to high street for a bit.

Time to rekindle the love-affair with ASOS white, then. This bear-illiant bombercould be a good place to start. Nothing like a cuddly coverup to say sorry for recent months of neglect.