Camille Over the Rainbow

Three make a trendThursday, November 27 2014

Ph. Eva K Salvi

When bored on a Thursday, I suggest introducing three of this season’s most catchy trends to one another, and see how easily you can get from A to B without raising the alarm.

Take camel blocking, knitted sweatpants (the perfect Thanksgiving gift courtesy of Marc, Phoebe & Stella), and the fringe frenzy that is spreading faster than Beyonce’s latest music video, for instance. Put them all together in a room. Leave simmer for a bit, just enough for them to blend as one. And boom, you’ve just cooked up your very own street(style) feast.

They say three is a trend. I say three make a trend.
Food for the thought, to be enjoyed on the side, with your Turkey tonight.

Bon appétit.

Coat: H&M trend(similar in black) || Pants: Zara (trythese) || Flats: Jimmy Choo || Watch: Larsson & Jennings