Camille Over the Rainbow

Grand gestures – NET-A-PORTER HOLIDAYSunday, December 21 2014

Skirt: Isabel Marant || Knit: Isabel Marant || Boots: Acne Studios || Shirt: Equipment || Hoops: Arme de l’Amour

While I was walking around Covent Garden in myleather x mohair ensemble (true Marant masterpieces!I will always fall for her seasonal take on the usual suspects -the über mini, the cinched jacket, the wonder knit- that she brings to life, time and time again), it became increasingly apparent that the normal rules of gift wrapping don’t apply to the likes of me.

Indeed, after spending longer than I would care to admit on NET-A-PORTER’s christmas pages, I have come to the conclusion that grand gestures will be expected this year. If all I want for Chritsmas is you (don’t look so shocked!), and you barely have time to commit to your relationship with Netflix, then settling for a week’s-worth of shoes seems like a fair compromise.

You do the maths.

No need for Marni wrapping paper, then. Just lots and lots of little black boxes, please.



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