Camille Over the Rainbow

Ola Mexico!Wednesday, December 31 2014

Bag: Balenciaga at Departement Feminin || Sunglasses: Mykita x MMM || Striped cotton towel: Hammamas


As you might have gathered via that overbearing insta-account of mine, I just touched down in Tulum for my first real holiday in yonks.

I have kind of promised myself I would go into the new year with my phone a little less stuck to my hand. I have also sworn (cross my heart, hope to die) to my vacay (slash life) partner-in-crime, Anissa, that the first words to come out of my mouth each time we enter a new place will not be “Do you have Wifi?”.

You will forgive me, therefore, if I do drop off the radar for a few days. I really hope that wherever you are in the world, you have also found a little time to relax before we kickstart 2015.