Camille Over the Rainbow

Pantone 18-1438 (ish)Saturday, December 27 2014

Gucci Pre-Fall 2015 via

The news that Gucci head designer Frida Giannini, and CEO Patrizio de Marco, would be stepping down from the cult Italian label, suggesting that the LVMH sword of Damocles has come crashing down on yet another creative powerhouse, came as a bit of a surprise to me. I’m no numbers lover you see, therefore don’t follow closely the financial ups and downs of the great maisons whose creations I so admire.

Perhaps this comes from not being able to afford luxury ready-to-wear for my own wardrobe. Indeed, at this point, I still resort to the ‘should-I-have-a-million-dollars’ method to evaluate whether a brand scores high in the desirability charts. For instance, I would spend my (imaginary) bottom dollar down from that one million on ANYTHINGtouched by Phoebe Philo, thus ranking Celine number one on that spectrum.

You get the gist. Perhaps even play the game too?

Gucci, on the other hand is a whole different pawn. Long forgotten on the board-game for reasons best known by those with an appreciation for quiet, less logo-centric fashion, the label had made a directional come-back—in my eyes at least—with its tasteful revival of Gucci’s golden era: the 70s.

And seeing the house’s strong move for Pre-Fall 2015, the flared pants, the knee-length silk dresses, has me regretting this sudden departure. Call me melodramatic, but I only just fell back in love, and wasn’t ready to go through another break up.

In the meanwhile, I shall (make-believe) buy into the designer’s last wishes by fully embracing this incredible colour palette of brick-red, which incidentally falls short of that elected hue of the year by the designated rainbow master, Pantone.


Is there ever such a thing in trendland?