Camille Over the Rainbow

Safety firstMonday, December 22 2014

Jacket: Isabel Marant || Trousers: Isabel Marant for H&M || Boots: Giuseppe Zanotti

Sometimes you have to take a great quote and adapt it to current life predicaments. One very wise reality TV star, upon facing endless boy drama, once mused: “Life’s tough, wear a helmet!”.

I hear ya LC, I do.

I hear ya, and I raise ya: why not go full body and try the bulletproof vest. Because if things go on like this, my heart will only have gone and got itself blown-up before we even get the chance to celebrate the new digit associated with the year ahead. In fact, the only thing keeping me sane at this time is the Man Repeller theory equating men to avocados (not yet, not yet, NOW, too late!).

2015, you do realise I’m counting on you.

And in the interest of making it to you in one piece, I shan’t be parting with this Marant padded-to-perfection puffer jacketuntilmidnight has struck loud and proper on the night of the 31st.

Best part: it’s dangerously chic. Please also note, those heels are hella pointy too! Hashtag just saying…