Camille Over the Rainbow

Santa BabySunday, December 7 2014

Ph. Laberiane Ponton

A tirade on the merits of non-surgically enhanced cleavage, this shall not be.

Been there, done that.

You will, as such – assiduous readers/disciplined hyperlink-clickers that you all are – already know of my penchant for barely there underwear.

(Well, if you didn’t, you do now.)

This sensual velvet and cotton number deserves a mention, however. For despite its lack of lace-trimmings (the kind I like to play peek-a-boob with on a daily basis), its both excessively chic and seasonably appropriate (Sexy Santa, anyone?). And by la Maison Vuitton, of all unexpected sources. Go Nicolas! Keep the it-wear coming.

And with that, I guess I’m ready to be undressed. Any takers?