Camille Over the Rainbow

Industrial accentsWednesday, March 25 2015


Candle || Lamp || Rug || Stool– all French Connection Home

After spending a whole month gallivanting across the globe—from Lincoln Centre’s sub-zero slushy grounds to Somerset House’s heel-hostile cobblestones, not forgetting the Tuileries’ lethal sinking-sands—it is no wonder my immediate instinct upon getting back to London was to lock myself in and throw away the key.

Generally speaking, it goes the other round. My friends will tell you that the propensity to which I find myself unable to access my own flat has reached epic proportions in the last year. The joke being that I don’t actually own a key to the building, but merely claim affiliation to the E2-postcode so as to benefit from extra street credentials (hipster Shoreditch will do that for you).

So imagine everyone’s surprise when they realised that not only was I back in the country (and was planning on remaining put for longer than a minute), but also that I was to be found at said address, where I was currently playing happy families with my furniture. No dashing off to Heathrow. No camping out at Shoreditch House. No running back to West London.

At home.

Fashion fatigue will do that to a person. Snapchat (follow camtyox!) be my witness, this city-craweller is currently chopping broccoli and chilli for some homemade soup and has switched the tabs on her computer to homeware purveyors only.

For home is where the heart is and my great love is London. How convenient, then, that some of my favourite labels have branched out into lifestyle. Perhaps I won’t be needing to switch up those bookmarks after all. And how refreshing that my basket shows no sign of the latest it-tee. Insteada marble table andindustrial lamp. Is this what growing up feels like?