Camille Over the Rainbow

On fleek flaresThursday, March 26 2015

Ph. Carola De Armas; Adam Katz Sinding

The expression “on fleek” is about to beat the dust, saysIggy. She is part of that closed category of street language coiners (includes rappers, serial viners, Fuck Jerry, anyone in Kimye’s immediate entourage), that mere mortals like myself can barely understand. Not just when they speak mind, the rules of spelling don’t apply to them either. Da fuq?! (I try).

So “on fleek” may have run it’s course. Even though I still don’t know what it means.

But the flared jean has still many miles to go. Plus get this: serious research tells me that fleek actually means sleek. Just like this outfit – bar the heavy creases due to suitcase living that I forgot to iron out.

The moral of this story: if you can’t speak like a 2015 bae, try dressing like a neo-seventies babe.

Jacket: H&M Studio || Knit: Club Monaco || Tee: H&M || Jeans: ACNE (in black here) More white flares here) || Shoes: Chloe || Clutch: Celine|| Vintage scarf: YSL