Camille Over the Rainbow

Blue-on-blue-on-blueFriday, April 24 2015

Ph. Olivia Divorne

One thing I won’t miss about Shoreditch (finally all packed and on my way back West) is the dirty backdrops on the streets of E2.

Then again, who am I to talk? Coachella came and went a fortnight ago, yet I still haven’t scrubbed my Superga’s. Grubby or not, they could not be left out of my blue-on-blue-on-blue composition. This one might just become my summer hit. Thatperfect navy numberis the catchiest chorus ever, don’t you think. Mode repeat: *ON*.

Now you mention it, that one didn’t come brand new either—though unlike my old neighbourhood, its quilted surface was in immaculate condition. Here, why don’t you bookmark Vestiaire Co, and its ridiculously well curated selection of previously loved designer wear, too.

You are very welcome!

Or perhaps you won’t thank me when you develop tendonitis from constantly clicking refresh on that ‘Just In‘ tab. Oups!


Tee: Topshop || Skirt: Zara || Bag: Chanel via Vestiaire Co|| Shoes: Superga x Look de Pernille