Camille Over the Rainbow

Colour of the year: CointreauWednesday, April 1 2015

Kitten heels: Dolce & Gabbana || Cointreau || Sunnies: Marc Jacobs || Pouch: Celine || Belt: Isabel Marant || Diary: Arsenal of London || Clutch: Little Liffner

Each year, when palette forecasting agency Pantone announces which hue will be on everyone’s lips (both metaphorically and physically) for the next 12 months, I can’t help but feel a little jolt of envy. Not of the colour curating experts themeselves (though that’s a pretty cool job come to think of it), but of all those to whom saturated pigment is not a scary concept to be filtered out of their daily lives at all cost.

It has always struck me as the epitome of irony (it’s either that or the worst branding known to bloggingkind), that my own cyberspace includes the word rainbow, a concept entirely foreign to my wardrobe. Never do you see me step out in a bright patchwork-print collage dress(though am warming to the idea of mixed denim). Never have I ever braved head-to-toe colour blocking (despite the fact this Isa Arfen skirt would look rather splendid paired with ared Chloe top). Never do e-shopping options get narrowed down using the pinkor yellow refining tool. J-Crew‘s candy crush aesthetic gives me anxiety (no offence to Jenna Lyons, one of my ultimate power-woman crushes). Pastel hues are my idea of hell.

So imagine my level of incredulity when (slowly but surely) my closet— the very same that is usually overflowing with black, white and every greyish pixel in between—appointed its very own colour of the year. The shade could be described as rust orange, with a strong brown undertone. In fact, I have pinpointed the exact tint as that of the Cointreau bottle that has been sitting on my sideboard since I got back from that unforgettable trip to Paris.

Practically every item of clothing I have purchased since has come in this rich shade of burnt orange, making Cointreau the firm winner of this one-of-a-kind rainbow spectrum. Baby steps.

This post was brought to you by Cointreau