Camille Over the Rainbow

Festival FOMOFriday, May 1 2015

Top: Topshop || Overalls: Topshop || Lace-ups: Superga || Bag: Chanel

Festival season is upon us folks, and though I’ve already had my fair share of concerts and an obnoxious collection of deceitfully candid dance moves shots, snaped and shared on Instagram, I can’t help but start thinking about my next affair with all things music.

Take overalls, for instance. Perhaps not something I would be comfortable wearing everyday, yet with the excuse of practicing for Roskilde, suddenly you can’t get me out of them. Cherry popped. Addicted.

Topshop, I blame you and your impossibly hip selection ofmusic wear.

Hashtag I’m here with the band.
(Or you know, the rest of the crowd jumping up and down to the music).

This post was brought to you by Topshop.