Camille Over the Rainbow

19 Greek StreetThursday, November 26 2015

Remy Martin pop-up Greek Street

As you must know, I have been part of the Remy Cointreau family for almost a year now, and was delighted to receive an invitation to meet Remy Martin, the more spicy (—and dare I say it, without risking the wrath of my fellow feminists—masculine) older sibling of my favourite lady liqueur, the zesty Cointreau.

Passing the doors of the ephemeral club at 19 Greek Street, I was led up to The Atelier on the third floor. Here, an intimate group was introduced to the wonderfully rich-tasting flavours of the XO Excellence cognac, paired with decadent foods like dark chocolate, figs, truffles and aged parmesan.

The interactive tasting, which involves sight and touch, as well as taste and smell, left me with a powerful crush on this silky eau-de-vie. Did I just graduate to adulthood?


La Maison Rémy Martin is open from 4pm – midnight, 3rd–27th November.  To apply for membership, visit