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Cointreau Creative CrewMonday, November 2 2015

dream dare create cointreau London

Bottoms up lovely Londoners, for La Maison Cointreau has a new mixologist on the books for you.

On Tuesday, Laetitia Casta, the famed filmstar and newly appointed curator of the Cointreau Creative Crew, invited us down to Hôtel Café Royal to try her latest recipe. An extraordinary cocktail that leaves you with a taste of high achievement, instead of the familiar morning-after headache. Too good to be true? Only if you are so literally-minded not to see past the label.

For this cocktail doesn’t come with the words DRINK ME marked on it. Yet, like Alice once did in Wonderland, the drinker of this magic potion will grow taller for having taken a risk, while others tried nothing at all. The truth is, this cocktail is not a cocktail at all—though rest assured, there was plenty for us to drink on the night (an interactive bar to create your own bespoke Cointreau Fizz drinks, if you must know).

Here is the recipe; it should help clarify:

1 dash of Dare

1 ounce of Create

1 sprinkle of Dream

When blended together (a hashtag should do the trick), these three components prove a potent mix. That’s a recipe that, if handled without care, could result in an explosion. But nothing of the kind happened – oh no. For she who can put together these three ingredients will see her wildest dreams come true.

Translated simply, into words rather than this lengthy metaphor, the time has come to submit your project: tells us with a piece of writing about your talent and how you feel the Cointreau Grant will help you to achieve your dreams. Those who express creativity and passion in their area of expertise – whether it be art, music, design, film, food, or even cocktails – can apply for the grant at The successful candidate will be chosen by a jury of creatives, including Laetitia Casta, by Spring 2016.

As part of the Committee that will help allocate the £20K Cointreau Creative Crew Grant, I can only wish that some of my readers will dare to dream.

And to those in doubt, Erin Hanson penned it best:

“There is freedom waiting for you, On the breezes of the sky, And you ask ‘What if I fall?’ Oh but my darling, what if you fly?”

Very best of luck.


Top: H&M Studio || Jeans: Vêtements || Heels: Loeffler Randall || Earrings: Celine --- Apply for the Cointreau Creative Crew Grant here