Camille Over the Rainbow

St OliviaFriday, December 25 2015

Oliva Von Halle PJSSince neutrals are on holiday; since the dress-code is red until further notice; plus since, let’s face it, you will be in need of something roomy after that eighteenth mince pie, that you distractedly just dipped into the remains of the gravy while no one was looking…you can consider the fact that PJ suiting-up is officially acceptable by day, a true to life Xmas miracle!

I have my very own guardian Angel, à la Clarence in post-turkey-coma-cult-couch-classic, It’s a Wonderful Life. Someone keeping me from throwing myself overboard when I realise the scope of the damage so close to beachtime (currently nursing a food baby from the sofa while testing its so-called super springs… S**t. That’s next years gift to my parents sorted then; I digress…).

Saint Olivia Von Halle: providing silk solutions for a smooth Christmas near you. There’s one who just earned her wings!

Now, with my upcoming trip to Mexico, I pray pyjamas will also qualify as beachwear by New Year’s Eve. Trends move so fast nowadays. I have hope.


PJ set: Oliva Von Halle (alternative styles here) || Eye Mask: Yolke