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Magic WandTuesday, May 10 2016

YSL beauty

I’m not much of a beauty guru. Besides investing in quality skincare, and —as a very wise person once taught me— brushing my teeth everyday, I don’t do lots. Put it this way: I wouldn’t ask myself for advice. Which is why I never talk about my top secret tips on here. I just don’t really have any, besides: wake up and hope for the best.

That said, there is one area in which I am particularly well versed. And that’s because, for all their global glory, my parisian genes have been letting me down of late. Granting me that famously French bedhead demeanour on a daily basis doesn’t seem to be enough for them anymore. So they have taken to making me look like I’ve actually only just jumped out of bed—even when its three in the afternoon and I haven’t had a late night all week.

SN-OOZE! After growing tired (oh haha!) of the constant remarks RE. those non-designer bags under my eyes (I swear, its the bane of every fashion girl to take the brunt of this joke), I did the only thing a smart person would do…

I bought a wand.

Now listen close, for even Ollivander doesn’t stock this kind of magic stick (though I bet Hermione would have known how to get hers to achieve such witchcraft). The only pen that works to my knowledge, is that the bears the gold mark of YSL, and serves one #goal only: to transform you into the best possible version of yourself. Tadaaa… Touch Éclat melts on the skin to achieve a radiant complexion with just a few swoops.

One of the best magicians (or makeup artists, as they like to call themselves) in the world, dedicated an afternoon to teach me how to use this wonderful tool. Today, am passing on Lloyd Simmonds’ legacy.

Watch and learn…

You’ll never leave the house without one of the new Touche Éclat limited edition tucked into your robe. That’s a ‘coat‘ for you muggles.


In partnership with YSL Beauty.

Get the magical Touche Éclat here.