Camille Over the Rainbow

Velvet lemonadeTuesday, May 3 2016

Velvet sunrise

As the sun sets on my Californian adventures (can’t say it enough, thank you Levi’s for a truly unforgettable escape to Coachella and it’s musical desert), my sun-kissed skin yearns to be back– back dancing under the magical light of the West Coast.

For it is when I am in that part of the world (and only then), that my entire being suddenly relaxes. The city-worn self that normally defines who I am disapears, as if each and every worried thought has suddenly been coated in La-la-land gold.

(Not to be taken literally. This isn’t a resurrection of sorts as one of Coyote Ugly’s members of cast, in which I confess to earning my keep in 1 dollah bills from the club. This is simply the old me, blossoming into a very pleasant person to be around when in Hollywood. While getting a tan in the process!)

Too cheesy for you too handle? Perhaps… Though it’s the goddamn truth. And I notice it all the more that the second I hit home turf, capital-S stress comes rushing back through every pore. Amounting to bad sleep, bad skin and a hard-to-shake bad attitude.

In my despair, here is an (optimistic) attempt to inject a little of that sunny vitamin D-vibe into my London life. Other than abusing that infamous Snapchat filter, that is.

If life gives you lemons… make lemonade!


Ph. Calvin Klein SS16 runway; Topshop Unique yellow boots, couch via Space Matters, gold artwork by @Ideih