Camille Over the Rainbow

To Hodgkin or to Loewe, that is the question…Monday, August 8 2016

Loewe effectIf you can’t have an original Howard Hodgkin hanging in the living room, why not get something (or three things) by another British artist: the King of structural leather, J.W. Anderson at Loewe.

Neatly arranged on your best shelf, these three artsy carry-alls might not have quite the same abstract vibrance as one of the 83-year-old Turner Prize winner’s pieces of work, but they will brighten your dayaccompany you everywhere you go and elevate your denim+tee combo into the realm of the exceptional.

Word on the grapevine, J-Dubs won’t be making stuff for his loewely Spanish Family much longer, as he is rumoured to be taking over Ghesquiere’s throne at Louis Vuitton. Start collecting before its too late.