Camille Over the Rainbow

Pink PlayersMonday, September 5 2016

Pink players

I’ve always had three fairly straightforward rules when it comes to the colour pink:

1. Stay away, unless absolutely necessary;

2. If absolutely necessary (i.e. on Tuesday’s), indulge in an understated manner: less head-to-toe Barbie and more Acne paper shoppers (presumably filled with basic scandi-clothing of the non-pigmented variety);

3. If wearing pink (as oppose to accessorising with chic pink carrier) cannot be avoided, please ô pretty please, no clashing tones.

That was then.

Then Alessandro Michele happened, I got back together with Gucci (we we’re on a break), and am all lovey dovey again and simply can’t get enough of la vie en rose. Get this: pink metallics just made it onto my shoe shelf! Not in an ironic way, might I add.

Game over team monochrome! Looks like you officially just lost this match (made-in-heaven). Life as we know it got a whole lot brighter, and suddenly if feels like FW13 all over again. This calls for some Berstein. Sing-along-now!