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Knock your socks offTuesday, November 29 2016

Socks are the only styling trick I am planning to work on this Winter. Why? To keep my feet warm; I’ve learned the hard way that one cannot run around in sub-temperatures without toasty warm feet gloves. (The hard way being frostbite, after dancing too many hours bare-footed in my favourite Chelsea boots. And actually fainting from hypothermia before a fashion show during NYFW. No joke. No need to laugh, I am an embarrassment to myself and I know it.).

Perhaps like with most high fashion investments, the secret is to spend too much money on these somewhat trivial wardrobe pieces, thus triggering enough guilt to encourage high cost-per-wear. (Why I need to be tricked into wearing socks, I still don’t know.)

But while we’re on the subject of extravagant hosiery, why not give Vêtement‘s inside-out boot a whirl. Let your ankles do all the talking with this unconventional pair of nylon heels, that are as rebellious as they are functional.

Tried and tested, you’ll be happy to hear, without any incidents involving fashion blisters and/or frozen limbs. Knock your socks off!


  • viktoria

    So cool!

  • I always wear socks in winter!! Socks are so stylish!

  • These are so fun but not sure I’d spend much money on them…I feel like they’re the kind of thing you’d wear once and then wonder what the heck you were thinking!

    Whitney – See Shop Eat Do

  • Dylana

    Love the boots! They are so unique!


  • The Gold Lipstick

    Absolutely love it!

    Mireia from TGL

  • I mean why not, you want to wear socks, you want to be fashionable, you need boots, just combine it all in one go and you’ll wear it tons!


  • Actually love the boots didn’t think I would but now reading about them I fully agree with you!