Camille Over the Rainbow

Memory LaneFriday, December 2 2016

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I’m not normally one for nostalgia. Onwards and upwards — always — is this Little Miss Digital’s motto. But with the current state of global affairs, the future is not necessarily something I want to be thinking about right when I roll out of bed in the morning. Hence the impromptu flashback to my high-school years, since traveling back through time via my sartorial pursuits seems like the more optimistic solution. It’s that or denial.

If you know, you know: we’re back in 1999, praying to the weather gods that it doesn’t start pouring, or your live-in super-flares will instantly get wet through to your knees, with zero hope of drying until the end of the day (cue frostbite). Effortless top-knot, faux-innocent gingham print and mandatory matching backpack in tow, and we’re off. Most probably, the only thing to worry about today is whether the girls are still mad about me spending to much time with the boy (and what’s for lunch, obvs).

Roll on world.

In partnership with Tory Burch — Croc backpack available exclusively at Westfield London.