Camille Over the Rainbow

Ciao FrancaFriday, December 23 2016

“I listen, but I must go my own way.”

Yesterday we lost one of fashion’s only true rebels, one of the industrie’s most powerful voices: Vogue Italia‘s Botticelli-esque editor-in-chief, Franca Sozzani.

Franca believed that fashion is never just about the clothes or even pure escapism for that matter, but also could –and should– have its say within the political, social and economical sphere. She filled the pages of Vogue with photographs “inspired” by such disturbing topics as rape or domestic violence, modern society’s obsession with plastic surgery and the catastropic BP oil spill, making her magazine impossible to ignore within the global conversation.

She passed away at an ageless 66, leaving behind an incredibly compelling visual language for the magazine that she truly dedicated her life to.  An irreplaceable soul — RIP.


Ph. via Vogue Italia.