Camille Over the Rainbow

La-la-LacosteFriday, March 10 2017

Just as another snowstorm hits NYC (NOT fake news, the all seeing-eye of Insta be our witness), I cannot help but think back fondly at this time four weeks ago, when I was prancing around the big apple, in a Lacoste dress that may not have been weather appropriate, had I not had the presence of mind to convert into a graphic coat (NB: many many invisble thermo layers were worn underneath to make this conversion possible). I certainly  won’t be the first girl so keen to wear the summer collections that she is willing to risk loosing a limb or two to frostbite. In this instance, however, I managed to pull off a silhouette that was the perfect transeasonal compromise between comfortable and photogenic, without so much as turning blue.

Speaking of Lacoste, the show itself turned out to be one of my favourite slots of the week. The French crocodile always delivers when it comes to luxurious sportswear, but this season, it seemed to flirt with a more grown-up silhouette and elevated colour palette: a refined head-to-toe lilac look complete with matching metallic booties really caught my eye.

Haven’t you heard? Tomorrow we have Purple Rain forecasted. How’s that for alternative facts?