Camille Over the Rainbow

Fan girl-ing hardThursday, June 29 2017

In more ways than one. Who knew that a portable air device could provide so much relief (that heatwave really hit us hard). And by relief, I obviously mean air.

So basic. So necessary.

When strangers are complimenting your outfit while offering you their wallets-worth to pinch an item out of your hand, you know you’re doing something right. I’m a fan.

Also fan girl-ing hard, the newly reinvented Vapormax. Bouncing around the neighbourhood before the streets come alive, in these gravity defying runners (hello lilac aka SS17’s newest most-seen shade on Trend Street – but jet-black be available for all you city cats), I couldn’t help but wonder whether they could truly cushion not only the air below my feet but also all my worries away.

La vie en rose etc…