Camille Over the Rainbow

#CoachCreateThursday, November 30 2017

It’s been a while, loyal arc-en-ciel dwellers. What can I say, life in the fast lane takes you places faster that you can utter the words ‘World Wide Web’, and before you know it, months have gone by without a little gander on this side of the rainbow. But we are still playing ahead of the curve over here.

Here’s the latest: Coach invited me to their colourful flagship store to taste their popular Craftmanship Bar. Just like everyone else, I’m basically a sucker for all things personalised; especially when it involves delicious leathers and emojis galore.

I was invited to select a bag out of their three iconic styles –‘The Dinky’, ‘The Saddle’ and ‘The Clutch’ — and customise it by adding tea roses, rivets, charms, emoji stamps… You name it, I *almost* added it. In the end though, I went instead with a cheeky metaphor, that serves to remind me about an upcoming trip to Tulum and the need for less junk food and more potassium in this not-so-finely engine, if I am to wow seagulls and local algae. That, plus a weekly trip to Bodyism should do the trick.

Now, let me here you say BA-NA-NAS…

A few details

1- Customising: Choose your iconic Coach bag, its details, the colors, the placement et voilà!

2- Personalising: Monogram your bag with letters, numbers or even with colorful and fun emoji stamps.

3- Souvenir pins: Funky charms and Coach’s signature ‘Tea Rose’ embellishment will make your bag even cooler.

4- Rivets and Stones: Handmade shiny shinies for extra glam.


Wearing: Michael Kors Blazer; Shrimps bag; Mango skirt; Mango boots. In partnership with Coach.