Camille Over the Rainbow

Brighton upFriday, April 27 2018

When I first moved to London, I thought I would be whisking off to Brighton any spare minute I got. Healthy seaside walks followed by cheap fish and chips would be a fixture in this new  grown up life of mine.

Well, it turns out the only time I have ever managed to get myself on one of the town’s pebbly beaches was a few summers ago. England was playing France in the World Cup and I somehow go it into my head that the only authentic way to enjoy the match was in a greasy wetherspoons, surrounded by proper hooligans and loud chanting. So we went. But England lost, and I left disappointed that I hadn’t got to relive some of that 1998 magic I experienced when France beat Brazil. When the match was over, the ex and I despondently wondered onto the peer, but the chips had no flavour, and I have never ventured back.

So imagine how thrilled I was when Jonathan Anderson (no less!) invited me to join him for dinner as he unveiled his latest capsule for easywear pro Uniqlo.

The collection, all stripes, asymmetrical hems and bucket hats (a Frenglish girl’s dream come true), was way more woop worthy than any goal scoring could ever have been, fulfilling my lifetime theory that fashion is in fact to girls what football is for boys. I came home with a naughty seagull splashed across my jumper. Now that’s what I call a trip worth the trek.



Wearing: J. W. Anderson for Uniqlo jeans, socks and knit; Loewe bag and Rejina Pyo Blazer --- In partnership with Uniqlo.