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Fashion : No Filter – The TeaserTuesday, December 6 2016

Behind the scenes of the most anticipated release of the year. Just joking, of course, though we do hope that after months of building up the hype, when Fashion: No Filter finally does go live, you like it as much as we do.

What’s that I hear? Only one week til launch? Yikes!

Square hair don’t careMonday, November 28 2016

vogue-paris-novembre-2016-115vogue-paris-novembre-2016-112 vogue-paris-novembre-2016-114

When your signature 80s curls take on a cutting edge dimension! Am I the only one who has visions of the hairstylist pulling out an iron-board and casually flattening Mica’s wild corkscrew ringlets on set, until the top of her head was completely crease-free. Pure genius.


Vogue Paris November 2016 by Collier Schorr; styling: Suzanne Koller; Hair: Holli Smith.

Vogue Fashion Festival 2016Monday, November 7 2016


This weekend will go down as one of those **oh-so-sparkly** career changing — life defining, even — moments!

Vogue Paris invited me to join some of my forever fashion heros (Emmanuelle Alt, Alexandre de Betak, Loic Prigent, Jonathan Anderson, NO BIG DEAL!) to speak at the VOGUE FASHION FESTIVAL 2016. These industry heavyweights … and little old me came together amidst the decadent backdrop of Hôtel Potocki, which also provided the setting for an intimate dinner the night before, to share our experiences regarding the new ways in which the fashion world now operates in the digital era. My segment took a closer look into the visual world of Instagram, as Eva Chen and I discussed how everyone’s favourite app has changed the face of fashion in recent years.

A little summary of our chit chat, peppered by the occasional hashtag (“I call myself #funemployed”) and insider jokes (See: stories) here.

Thank you Vogue Paris for the overwhelming vote of confidence!

Vis ma vie de FrenglishFriday, November 4 2016

Ever wondered what its like to be in the body of a schizophrenic anglo-frenchie?

Croissant or toast? Wine or beer? Kisses or hugs? #VogueFollows followed, err, moi, in a lighthearted exploration of the differences between London and Paris girls.


In collaboration with Vogue Paris. With thanks to the Beaumont Hotel, the Good life Eatery and the Anglesea Arms.; Video by Thibault Della Gaspera; Written by Kate Matthams-Spencer & Camille Charriere; Editor-in-chief : Jennifer Neyt.

Monday Mantra: # Free The NippleMonday, October 31 2016


I still find it incredibly frustrating but also utterly baffling that Instragram continues to enforce such a harsh censhorship policy when it comes to body parts—especially nipples. Given that society uses our female bodies to sell virtually anything nowadays, and X-rated nudity (read: a sex tape) is the key to overnight success, it seems ironic that anyone maintain such a “conservative” policy, let alone an app which I would argue is the ethos of our time.

Though completely different, these three pictures could have been taken by the same woman: a woman who is confident in her own sexuality but not gratuitously so. I love the contrast between these three shots:

That tonal, super-sexualised peach shot that reveals nothing but says all (including that cheeky emoji that I personally so love to use and abuse);

The fashion victim shot, where every inch of skin is hidden (not very 2016), yet feels so anchored in the now (hello Vêtements vibes!);

And the naked shot, an up-to-date still that reminds me of Gainsbourg burning that 500 francs note live on French TV.



As originally published for Space Matters.


Ph. (left to right): Jeanne Damas Instagram; Tumbler; Larry Hoffman Instagram.