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The Bower HotelMonday, June 6 2016

Bower power

If I told you I spent 24 hours unable to tear myself away from Bauer, you’d probably have visions of me locked away in a dark room littered with empty Deliveroo bags, eyes glued to the screen, watching an anti-hero torture his way through one hell of a day. Thankfully, my box-set binging days are long gone, so luckily I shan’t be developing Netflix face (that’s a real thing according to the Daily Mail).

This Bauer, has more star quality than Jack ever did, and I cannot recommend it enough for your next trip to Venice.

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Cheeky Cointreau, anyone?Friday, January 15 2016

Cointreau christmas claridges

Halfway through Jan already. GOD.

How are your resolutions going?

Normally, at this point, I have a serious stratagem in place, the aim of which is to completely revoke my current way of life, in order to reach Victoria Secret-worthy levels of hotness and wellbeing. This, to be achieved via a peculiar set of instructions, all self-written and tattooed on the cat.

Like: Breakfast is 3 almonds; I get to lick a spoon that I dipped in a mug of coffee for lunch; and dinner consists of binge-LIKING all of Gigi’s Insta pictures on Insta. Easy.

So far, in all 28 years of setting such #GOALS, I am still running the same old beaten track. Aka, Übering my way to the pub for a cheeky all-English fry up, and staying up all night to watch baby elephants having a bath in a paddling pool.

And what’s so wrong with giving only your fingers a daily workout (hashtag iPhone addict), anyway?

Life’s too short.

Which is why I have taken the new year in its stride, with virtually no delusory attempts to improve myself. My only proactive plan is to increase my relationship status from Forever Alone to Slightly Desperate.

Thankfully, then, I am allowed to take the edge off with a cheeky Cointreau drink, as it would be cruel to impose an alcohol ban at this point. I have the perfect recipe too, tried and tested by a gaggle of single friends at my Christmas party that I held at my favourite hotel, Claridges. Trust me, it’s worth every  ounce of guilt you won’t be feeling because, as we’ve established, life’s too short.

You’re welcome! Happy new year.

Cointreau Fizz Blood Orange
4 cl (1 ½ oz) Cointreau
1 cl (¾ oz) fresh lime juice
4 cl (1 ½ oz) blood orange or red grapefruit juice
4 cl (1 ½ oz) sparkling water
Fill a glass with ice, add Cointreau, fresh lime juice, and blood orange juice into a glass. Top off with sparkling water and stir.


OfflineFriday, January 8 2016



Sorry for the prolonged absence. Currently roaming around, with no shoes on, somewhere around the wild and wonderful white sands of Mexico.

Be back soon!


Dress: Reformation || Basket: Reformation || Sandals: H&M

Merry ChristmasFriday, December 25 2015

merry xmas 2015 card


May your day be merry and bright! Lots and lots of love from the outskirts of Paris to you and your loved ones, wherever you are in the world.


À la maisonMonday, December 14 2015

Home picks


Some TLC, in the form of beautifully crafted interior objects, for the place you call home. I can’t say mine looks anything as curated as this, but a firm resolution for 2016 is to invest more time into creating a wonderful living space.