Camille Over the Rainbow

Coach & Keith sitting in a tree…Friday, April 6 2018





Coach and Keith sitting in a tree…

Little faceless guys running on walls, intertwining and supporting one another; one can almost sense their agitation…

We are in Keith Haring’s world. Or rather, we are wearing Coach’s homage to New York City and one of its most important street artists.

**Why am I talking about myself in the third person again? “Art is for everybody”, as the late Haring once famously said, so no need to be pedantic here. And since there is nobody else that is youer than you (another quote, this time by his — and my — personal fav, Dr. Seuss), I should stop we-ing you and just be me.

And although this « me » isn’t always one to don so much glitter, she is happy to make an exception when said glitter comes with pop-art heritage and sparkly deeper meaning. Although simple and cartoonish, Keith Haring’s drawings were highly symbolic and imbued with deep political meaning, tackling issues pertaining to race, sexuality, class, and drug culture. His bold illustrations gained notoriety through his playful bold graffiti in subway stations and translated into becoming positive notions of social change and fighting injustice. As his legacy shines bright through these funky Coach designs, the combination of his evocative work mixed alongside the American house’s leather craft seems to celebrate all the optimism of the big apple.

Eighties nostalgia done right!

In fact, these pieces are the perfect conversation starter with bold emblems juxtaposed against unexpected material choices of sequins, lace and, jersey playing nods to those days.
When was the last time a sequin had so much to say for itself?

Thought so!

Golbourne RoadMonday, October 9 2017

Life is just peachy!

Honey am home, and back into my most basic (but best) basics. And though I have never been one for midriff flashing, lately I have found that the best way to update a simple button down is to tie it up.

I say it ain’t Fall until we say so.

Stripey side upMonday, May 22 2017

Coming out of hiding and heading straight for the spotlight (or, you know, my balcony) to soak in a little Milanese sun and share a few sunny MAX&Co stripes with you all.

As always, it’s been too long since my last visit, though for once I have an excuse besides travel: our every growing podcast (which I do hope you have found the time to tune into), has taken over all of my creative brain juices. All for a good cause, but time to get back on the world wide web bandwagon.



Top: Max and Co || Bottom: Max and Co      

Homecoming queenMonday, March 27 2017

The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker (or as 2017 would have it, the fishmonger, the grocer and the cold press juice maker) have all welcomed my homecoming to Chelsea Green with open arms. Or perhaps, have only batted an eyelid or two as I fall back into the routine of brazenly claiming their storefronts as a scenic prop to better show off my latest acquisitions.

Enter the Delvaux Mutin Mini [applause].

Don’t we look great together? Yeah, we think so too! Though best we get on our way now. Errands to run. Shop owners to appease. Life to perform.

 [End scene.]


MFW 17 – Carbfully yoursMonday, February 27 2017

This is the one that is being written with my computer precariously balanced on an overpacked suitcase, sandwiched in between a gargantuan McDonalds (total blasphemy when in Rome—sorry, Milan says geotag), and late boarding at Malpensa airport, so you will have to excuse brevity (/total lack of sense).

Milan really did feel like it was trying to cruise right past me. Perhaps my schedule wasn’t as packed as NY or London, but the city was new to me, so I had some hard driving to do if I was to keep up with the wacky racing fashion set. Fortunately, I had just the shoes for the job. They see me rollin, etc…

The week started as carb-full as it ended. There was rigatoni and gnocchi, garganelli and spaghettisprinkled with parmesan a plenty. And let’s not forget the ravioli… Also accompanying most high fashion courses: a large dollop of your preferred Swarovski crystals, served just the way you like. Covering every inch of the clothing as spotted while nosing around backstage at Vivetta, where a bright red pant suit made me stop right in my tracks! Or shimmering ever so slightly, just here and there, as demonstrated by Arthur Arbesser.

Meanwhile, the millennials clearly have been living on the Atkins diet since birth, if the Dolce show is anything to go by. Obvi carbs are more important to me than oxygen (I actually cried of happiness when my allergy test confirmed that I have zero issues with gluten), so no hard feelings at not having been asked. I’ll take running to get pizza over prancing down the runway Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and yup, even D&G Sundaywhich coincidentally was the message spelled out by the rainbow finale at Alberta Ferretti. Coincidence? I think not.

I would go on, but my gate is boarding, and I still have a few snacks for the plane to buy. Touchdown in Paris.

Carb-fully yours, Cam.


Coat: Rejina Pyo (this one cool too) || Shoes: J. W. Anderson || Clutch: Loewe || Necklace: Alighieri || Shirt: Jil Sander --- Pics via Tagwalk. In partnership with the Swarovski Collective — Final stop, Paris!