Camille Over the Rainbow

Orange you after a bargain?Friday, December 23 2016

No black, but nonetheless all solid investments to add to your neutral tally of wardrobe basics. And all at bargain price, since carefully curated from the dark hole that is the internet’s boxing day sale.




Knock your socks offTuesday, November 29 2016

Socks are the only styling trick I am planning to work on this Winter. Why? To keep my feet warm; I’ve learned the hard way that one cannot run around in sub-temperatures without toasty warm feet gloves. (The hard way being frostbite, after dancing too many hours bare-footed in my favourite Chelsea boots. And actually fainting from hypothermia before a fashion show during NYFW. No joke. No need to laugh, I am an embarrassment to myself and I know it.).

Perhaps like with most high fashion investments, the secret is to spend too much money on these somewhat trivial wardrobe pieces, thus triggering enough guilt to encourage high cost-per-wear. (Why I need to be tricked into wearing socks, I still don’t know.)

But while we’re on the subject of extravagant hosiery, why not give Vêtement‘s inside-out boot a whirl. Let your ankles do all the talking with this unconventional pair of nylon heels, that are as rebellious as they are functional.

Tried and tested, you’ll be happy to hear, without any incidents involving fashion blisters and/or frozen limbs. Knock your socks off!


Cuddling CalderThursday, November 10 2016

calder_48045_2cuddling-calder-bcuddling-calder-dcalder-cuffing cuuddling-calder-ccalder-cuddlingcalder-flying_colors-3

I hereby declare cuffing season officially open. And I’m in bed with Calder this year. Since the colour genius is nowhere to be found, I have resorted to arlequin outerwear and embroidered memorabilia.

In Your FaceTuesday, November 8 2016



Knit: Acne Studios | Jeans: Attico | Shoes: J.W. Anderson | Bag: Loewe | Earrings: Sarah & Sebastian

Fall-se alarmWednesday, October 12 2016


Easing into Fall with a few not-so-basic basics in my favourite not-so-bright palette. I’m still digesting the tidal wave of untried ideas brought to us by Hurricane Fashion Month. More on that soon, though let’s not rush into anything. New trends, I have decided, need to be absorbed before we introduce them to our entourage (you don’t meet the parents on the second date!).

Meanwhile, as I settle back into old habits, here are my three trendy friends that I am staying committed to, as they will keep us entertained regardless of all the new: safety bucklessuper sleeves and frayed hems.