Camille Over the Rainbow

Beach bodThursday, July 28 2016

Weekday beach towel

Currently sunning myself under the Greek sun with my abstract buddy over here, whose sexy body has been showing me up all week. Note to self: choose a beach companion with less va-va-voom if my ‘curves’ are to get any attention.

Though it’s got to be said, she is a great conversation starter…


Beach towel: Weekday Stores

Something glossy, something new.Thursday, July 21 2016

Plexi skirt

Not quite how you will remember the traditional rhyme, but a necessary amendment as all your new leathers should come in shiny spray-on-PVC. Vinyl is taking over both our Netflix schedules and our sidewalks this season, and it’s just a matter of time before we all end up in a red glossy catsuit façon Britney circa Oops I did it again… Excellent water repelling skills (ideal for British climate) and/or messy eaters. If Alexa didn’t convince you, let’s hope this currently out-of-stock how-can-I-get-my-hands-on-it skirt does.

Plexi skirt


Ph. Jesse J. Jenkins for Uterque --- Vinyl skirt: Mango

Body languageTuesday, July 12 2016

body language border

Picture this silhouette: black & negative white lines, brought to life by a pop of bright orange lipstick. One always needs a new stripe combo in their life and see-through is so hot right now! Modern dressing, as inspired by Paul Thurlby, for there are no two better things in life than snogging and stripes — except perhaps snogging in stripes!

(Am quite heartbroken that the print is currently sold out. I need it for my wall.)

This PG-rated look brings me back to the internet’s favourite new debate: should we all be taking nude selfies in order to reclaim our sexuality (thanks Kim Kardashian for taking the time out of your busy schedule to bring such critical questions into the Lumee-lit limelight).

As the blurred lines re. what constitutes an act of feminism or not (the latest entry being Emily Ratajkowski’s posing naked on a horse …) continue to spark debate over the internet, I say keep your clothes on and wear your sexuality round your neck!  Surely a less controversial solution to posting a selfie in your birthday suit. And arguably – for most certainly – a lot more empowering.

You tell me.

I for one am certainly not afraid of engaging in PDA and will happily flash my (black diamond) pubis (vejazzles are so 2014) in the name of womankind.

Ding DongTuesday, July 12 2016


This little bell sleeved wonder rang on my door this morning, and I’ve agreed to let it stay permanently. It has a beige twin, that you might want to welcome at home, fyi.


Knitwear: Co

Fortune CookiesWednesday, June 22 2016

Anissa Kermiche Paniers Dores

Can I get a (w)HOOP (w)HOOP folks?

The eye-catching earrings I “borrowed” (read: been wearing non-stop with no plans to ever return) from my partner-in-crime‘s showroom (the very same I keep getting inquisitive emails about given I post them every other day) have finally dropped online (no gravity pun intended).

Given that Zara has already managed to rip them off, it was about time the real deal was available for those who like their jewellery shiny and original…