Camille Over the Rainbow

Golbourne RoadMonday, October 9 2017

Life is just peachy!

Honey am home, and back into my most basic (but best) basics. And though I have never been one for midriff flashing, lately I have found that the best way to update a simple button down is to tie it up.

I say it ain’t Fall until we say so.

I Kane see youThursday, September 28 2017

Spotlight on the one and only Chris K and his most NARSissistic friend.

Christopher Kane‘s second capsule for Nars (his first presented a palette of pretty vibrant colors), is much softer this season: six glitter-infused colours that will make you look as fresh as the model walking his SS18 show at the Tate last week. My favourite is golden rust, its glowing hue so rich it livens my tired fashion month gaze.

 Kane you see what I see?

Come rain or shine, why be the rain when you can shine…



Earring: Anissa Kermiche | Backstage Photos: British Vogue Find Christopher Kane x Nars here.

Check mateMonday, September 25 2017

‘Tis definitely the season of blazers, preferably stolen from boys (am sure you have one or two in your life). If you don’t (guilty), then here is a worthy option and some matchy team players.






Blazer: Zara | T-shirt: Irıs and Ink | Jeans: Balenciaga | Shoes: Tibi | Earrings: Anissa Kermiche | Sunglasses: Givenchy

Let the Music PlayThursday, August 24 2017

#TBT to an afternoon (not so) long ago.

You are wearing a (not so) cool pair of pink corduroy pants (the label doesn’t read Celine) and a worn-out long sleeved t-shirt (the label almost certainly reads GAP), and are sitting in strenuous silence on the floor in the sitting room. There you are, (not so) patiently twirling a bic pen at optimum speed (a skill you have perfected over time, through repeating many a similar song-and-dance — matter of speaking since the music has stopped), desperately trying to refit the reel into a much loved audio cassette.

If you know, you know.

Because to replay my teenage memories, I must rely on the tunes that kept me bouncing around day after day. For Music has always been the reason for getting up in the morning (Sorry Fashion!), and in those days, we were truly loyal: one song, one band, one tape would be on repeat for as long as its reel did not get chewed up by that temporamental cassette player.

The tactile intimacy of physical formats is dearly missed. Getting dressed, however is still very much a thing of the present. Two ideas that I attempted to string together to come up with this keepsake t-shirt, that I designed in partnership with Stine Goya. It records true memorabilia from bygone times.

But the tunes, the tunes will never be gone…

So in the words of my beloved Supertramp:

Ba-ba-ba-dow, ba-bow-dum-doo-de-dow-de-dow, de
Ba-ba-ba-dow, ba-bow-dum-de-doo-de-dow
Na na na, nana na na na na.


Get my t-shirt for Stine Goya here

Fan girl-ing hardThursday, June 29 2017

In more ways than one. Who knew that a portable air device could provide so much relief (that heatwave really hit us hard). And by relief, I obviously mean air.

So basic. So necessary.

When strangers are complimenting your outfit while offering you their wallets-worth to pinch an item out of your hand, you know you’re doing something right. I’m a fan.

Also fan girl-ing hard, the newly reinvented Vapormax. Bouncing around the neighbourhood before the streets come alive, in these gravity defying runners (hello lilac aka SS17’s newest most-seen shade on Trend Street – but jet-black be available for all you city cats), I couldn’t help but wonder whether they could truly cushion not only the air below my feet but also all my worries away.

La vie en rose etc…