Camille Over the Rainbow

ImpreshoenismWednesday, June 28 2017

If Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec’s impressionism had met Demna Gvasalia’s shoes.


Art: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec; Shoes: Balenciaga; Edits by @Edaonay.

Gabrielle Coeur GrenadineMonday, June 26 2017

One of the things they don’t tell you about leaving your home country is how much you will miss the little things that make your life so much sweeter. Like grenadine à l’eau. A drink so simple in essence (pomegranate syrup and ice cold water) yet so confusing to the non-Francophile.

I can’t tell you how many words have been exchanged between myself and bemused barmen, as I try to request a simple ingredient, one that I can see sitting just there on the cocktail shelf. Believe me, I have always made a point of not becoming the cliché of the demanding Parisian, and inevitably fail as soon as I spot one of those bright cordial bottles.

So, when I met Gabrielle in London, (whose colour happened to be the perfect shade of pomegranate pink) I decided we should take a trip back to the land of grenadine à l’eau. Surely, Chanel‘s latest (and in this hue, sweetest) creation, deserves to visit the city of its ancestors? And since even Karl saw fit to bring back the maison’s traditionally overseas cruise show back to the homeland, I thought no better excuse to go big, and simply go home.

So we did. If you need us, we’ll most probably be chained together, in one of Gabrielle’s seven ways, en terrace sipping our worries away, before heading off to one of Paris’ most alluring spots. At the moment, we love le Cafe de la Poste, followed by a little tour round Musee Picasso. See you there?


Bag: Chanel Gabrielle, worn throughout. In partnership with Chanel; Ph. Adeline Mai.

Stripey side upMonday, May 22 2017

Coming out of hiding and heading straight for the spotlight (or, you know, my balcony) to soak in a little Milanese sun and share a few sunny MAX&Co stripes with you all.

As always, it’s been too long since my last visit, though for once I have an excuse besides travel: our every growing podcast (which I do hope you have found the time to tune into), has taken over all of my creative brain juices. All for a good cause, but time to get back on the world wide web bandwagon.



Top: Max and Co || Bottom: Max and Co      

Homecoming queenMonday, March 27 2017

The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker (or as 2017 would have it, the fishmonger, the grocer and the cold press juice maker) have all welcomed my homecoming to Chelsea Green with open arms. Or perhaps, have only batted an eyelid or two as I fall back into the routine of brazenly claiming their storefronts as a scenic prop to better show off my latest acquisitions.

Enter the Delvaux Mutin Mini [applause].

Don’t we look great together? Yeah, we think so too! Though best we get on our way now. Errands to run. Shop owners to appease. Life to perform.

 [End scene.]


La-la-LacosteFriday, March 10 2017

Just as another snowstorm hits NYC (NOT fake news, the all seeing-eye of Insta be our witness), I cannot help but think back fondly at this time four weeks ago, when I was prancing around the big apple, in a Lacoste dress that may not have been weather appropriate, had I not had the presence of mind to convert into a graphic coat (NB: many many invisble thermo layers were worn underneath to make this conversion possible). I certainly  won’t be the first girl so keen to wear the summer collections that she is willing to risk loosing a limb or two to frostbite. In this instance, however, I managed to pull off a silhouette that was the perfect transeasonal compromise between comfortable and photogenic, without so much as turning blue.

Speaking of Lacoste, the show itself turned out to be one of my favourite slots of the week. The French crocodile always delivers when it comes to luxurious sportswear, but this season, it seemed to flirt with a more grown-up silhouette and elevated colour palette: a refined head-to-toe lilac look complete with matching metallic booties really caught my eye.

Haven’t you heard? Tomorrow we have Purple Rain forecasted. How’s that for alternative facts?