Camille Over the Rainbow


Bauer power

Sleeping in a palazzo with a view overlooking one the most breathtaking cities on Earth is enough to make anyone loose track of real life...


Establishment: Bauer Palazzo


S. Marco, 1459,
30124 Venezia VE, Italy
+39 041 520 7022


If I told you I spent 24 hours unable to tear myself away from Bauer, you'd probably have visions of me locked away in a dark room littered with empty Deliveroo bags, eyes glued to the screen, watching an anti-hero torture his way through one hell of a day. Thankfully, my box-set binging days are long gone, so luckily I shan't be developing Netflix face (that's a real thing according to the Daily Mail. Google it!).

The Bauer I'm referring to has far more star quality (five if you are counting) than the tormented Jack ever did. But like the character that bears the same name, this venetian palazzo has the power (or should that be bauer?) to suck you into its very own timezone.

Only four minutes from from iconic Piazza San Marco, and a perfectly timed stroll to work up an appetite to the city’s best family run seafood spot, this gem of a hotel is truly palatial and one of my favourite stays ever. Also worth noting, Gucci lives around the corner (literally), so you better start making room for that new crepe-de-Chine ruffle number you will be taking home with you (unless like me you opt for a bag that looks like it should moonlight as a biennale installation – when in Rome etc…).

AMBIANCE: With an ornate 1930s neo-Gothic facade and decadent interiors in lush rich colours, textures and fabrics, this spectacular palace is as draw-dropping as they come. Each room is decorated so as to make you feel like you are the rightful heir to a (nonexistent) throne. I embraced this wholeheartedly, and was all set to change my lineage to Principessa. Then, I decided it would damage my chances to land my favourite Royal, who I truly believe shall follow in his older brother’s footsteps and marry a commoner (amongst which I count myself). My room also had a spectacular view across the lagoon (see below), and a tub so big I could’ve spent all day in there, soaking in the wonderful atmosphere.

FOOD: The hotel boasts Venice’s highest rooftop terrace. Fittingly named Il Settimo Cielo (Seventh Heaven), we opted to have our (heavenly) breakfast up there. (Incidentally, if your skin hasn’t gone too wrinkly from the one in your room, nearby is another hot tub that offers mind-boggling views of La Serenissima). Do not miss!

EXTRA: The hotel has its own boarding dock which we found super helpful, especially when wanting to book taxi-boots back to the airport. Plus, don’t wait till you are madly in love to go. The city is romantic af, obvi, but its also bursting with art and culture and the perfect european getaway for friends and family. I went with my bestie for carnival and we elected it as one of the best weekends of the year.

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