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Knot trickyThursday, November 19 2015

Joseph Elie dress Lyst

While the sweater-scarf remains a directional technique to pile on the layers, it is by no means the only way to make use of your sleeves this Fall (God forbid arm-through-hole is the only way you wear yours these days!).

To cut the Gordian knot, you will need to start practicing your ties. No need to travel all the way back to ancient Greece. The 90s will suffice.

Elevate a regular dress to the realm of high fashion in less time than it takes to master the shoe-lace knot. By my calculations, you won’t even need an extra knit; only Joseph’s sell-out Elie dress—an old flame reborn from the ashes of the label’s covetable archive. Its clever inbuilt waist-tie will allow you to look the part without inheriting a Kardashian-esque break-the-internet sort of bum in the process.

Colour-wise, I currently find myself in a grey state of mind, but feel free to adapt to any neutral that tickles your fancy.

Knot so tricky in the end, eh?


Dress: Joseph || Jacket: Sportmax || Shoes: Celine

Win your own Elie dress over at Lyst – details here.

McQueen mafiosoWednesday, November 18 2015


Keeping it real in cable and kicks. Don’t mess with me, etc…

Baby got backTuesday, November 17 2015

Styleby December 2015

Arguably the most beautiful part of a women’s body, currently in the spotlight , no matter which way you look at it. From back to front shirting to deep cleavage backward dressing, this season we like it from behind.


Ph. Styleby Issue 37 - December 2015

Fisherman’s friendMonday, November 16 2015

The Aran cable sweater

Fishing for compliments this Fall?

Traditionally hailing from a small set of islands bearing the same name, the classic Aran knit is reworked in graphic black and white this season. Think classic chunky cable patterns anchored with a solid stroke of urbane black.

Go overboard with Valentino’s deluxe city-ready rendering or keep your finances from getting lost at sea with a high-street lookalike.

I’m hooked!


From top to bottom: Valentino || Topshop || Topshop --- Ph. "Class Issue" - Vanity Fair Italia, September 2014

Style RebelFriday, November 13 2015


Christmas is all around (already- yes, I know!).

To help the festive feeling grow, I have teamed up with House of Fraser on a series of sort vids in which I share gifting tips, styling tricks and insider knowledge on what Christmas looks like in my household (SPOILER ALERT: it’s more mayhem than merry!). And if finding out how mine is the most eccentric of Franglais Christmas’ isn’t lure enough, the great Susie Bubble has also chimed in with her expert knowledge en la matiere.

Get involved and get the lowdown on all I want for Christmas (besides a good rest and a full belly of Turkey).


In collaboration with House of Fraser. Wearing Levis 501 Jeans and Max Mara Shirt.