Friday, 29 August 2014

A little rusty

I firmly hit the repeat button on the LWD x asymmetrical pump duet last night, the one that first performed on the streets of London. Threw on a boy bomber in a beautiful rusty hue to give the look a bit of depth. So many novel neutrals to try, so little time!


Girls do not dress for boys...

ID Magazine Pre-Fall 2014, by Daniel Jackson, styled by Alastair McKimm 

...nor do they undress for them...

 These damn hot nudes won't be getting this gang of new faces a Page 3 feature. Thank god.


The September issue


Right, today we tackle this Fall's trickiest sartorial challenge: head-to-toe knitwear as formulated best at Stella McCartney and the Row (see: the September issue). 

I'm starting this one with a low-commitment entry level (I've yet to determine whether anyone who is not Karlie Kloss can get away with a knitted pant without looking like a frumpy, overgrown toddler. Or a human size sock). 

Which can only mean one thing: it's Zara O' Clock. To be continued...


Thursday, 28 August 2014


Ph. Stockholm Streetstyle /

Coordination is everything. And before you ask, no, this camel-on-camel action was not staged for the purposes of streetstyle strategies (should such a thing exist!). But when two die-hard black cats convert to the season's new neutral, it's bound to result in one hell of a sartorial algorithm.

Fifty shades of camel it is then, because camel is the new grey. And who wants to wear black when you can call your favourite hue creamy caramel or burnt toffee? Plus everyone knows that models don't eat, so dressing like a giant biscuit has got to count for something. Style dot com certainly seems to think so. Mille merci Søren.

Now, this camel got to go find some water... can practically taste my hangover.