Camille Over the Rainbow

Desert Island DivaTuesday, May 24 2016

Decent DaywearMonday, May 16 2016

MCQ skirtMCQ post

One way to decontextualize a black leather mini is to pair with the kind of top that has put in more legwork on the pages of VOGUE than on the street where you live. Aka what us fashion chicks like to call ‘editorialwear’ (I may have just made that up).

Cue upturn ruffle collar to firmly offset the sex appeal of super short skirt (who might otherwise run the risk of being asked whether is “off-sick” – no doubt from a hangover; she’s a wild one this one). Always one to get my legs out, especially when boasting such a solid tan so early on in the season, it was about time this nighttime piece were taken out for a day stroll.

Perfect for my morning coffee run. You never know whom I might be bumping into…


Jacket: Ganni || Top: Phillip Lim || T-Shirt: Topshop || Skirt: McQ || Bag: Loewe || Shoes: Hermes (budget here) || Earrings: Sophie Bille Brahe (budget here) || Necklace: Marlene Juhl Jørgensen

Magic WandTuesday, May 10 2016

YSL beauty

I’m not much of a beauty guru. Besides investing in quality skincare, and —as a very wise person once taught me— brushing my teeth everyday, I don’t do lots. Put it this way: I wouldn’t ask myself for advice. Which is why I never talk about my top secret tips on here. I just don’t really have any, besides: wake up and hope for the best.

That said, there is one area in which I am particularly well versed. And that’s because, for all their global glory, my parisian genes have been letting me down of late. Granting me that famously French bedhead demeanour on a daily basis doesn’t seem to be enough for them anymore. So they have taken to making me look like I’ve actually only just jumped out of bed—even when its three in the afternoon and I haven’t had a late night all week.

SN-OOZE! After growing tired (oh haha!) of the constant remarks RE. those non-designer bags under my eyes (I swear, its the bane of every fashion girl to take the brunt of this joke), I did the only thing a smart person would do…

I bought a wand.

Now listen close, for even Ollivander doesn’t stock this kind of magic stick (though I bet Hermione would have known how to get hers to achieve such witchcraft). The only pen that works to my knowledge, is that the bears the gold mark of YSL, and serves one #goal only: to transform you into the best possible version of yourself. Tadaaa… Touch Éclat melts on the skin to achieve a radiant complexion with just a few swoops.

One of the best magicians (or makeup artists, as they like to call themselves) in the world, dedicated an afternoon to teach me how to use this wonderful tool. Today, am passing on Lloyd Simmonds’ legacy.

Watch and learn…

You’ll never leave the house without one of the new Touche Éclat limited edition tucked into your robe. That’s a ‘coat‘ for you muggles.


In partnership with YSL Beauty.

Get the magical Touche Éclat here.

Vêtements victimThursday, May 5 2016

Vetements skirt London

Don’t spend half your monthly rent on a denim mini unless you are prepared to commit to some serious bare legged action about town. Because I am officially one of the few crazed loonies who has, I now have to brave the elements and pretend London is an Island a little further south.

No judgment please.

Vetements skirt


Jacket: Ganni || Top: Marques' Almeida (budget here)|| Skirt: Vetements (budget here) || Bag: Loewe || Necklace: Marlene Juhl Jørgensen || Sunglasses: Acne || Shoes: Converse

Velvet lemonadeTuesday, May 3 2016

Velvet sunrise

As the sun sets on my Californian adventures (can’t say it enough, thank you Levi’s for a truly unforgettable escape to Coachella and it’s musical desert), my sun-kissed skin yearns to be back– back dancing under the magical light of the West Coast.

For it is when I am in that part of the world (and only then), that my entire being suddenly relaxes. The city-worn self that normally defines who I am disapears, as if each and every worried thought has suddenly been coated in La-la-land gold.

(Not to be taken literally. This isn’t a resurrection of sorts as one of Coyote Ugly’s members of cast, in which I confess to earning my keep in 1 dollah bills from the club. This is simply the old me, blossoming into a very pleasant person to be around when in Hollywood. While getting a tan in the process!)

Too cheesy for you too handle? Perhaps… Though it’s the goddamn truth. And I notice it all the more that the second I hit home turf, capital-S stress comes rushing back through every pore. Amounting to bad sleep, bad skin and a hard-to-shake bad attitude.

In my despair, here is an (optimistic) attempt to inject a little of that sunny vitamin D-vibe into my London life. Other than abusing that infamous Snapchat filter, that is.

If life gives you lemons… make lemonade!


Ph. Calvin Klein SS16 runway; Topshop Unique yellow boots, couch via Space Matters, gold artwork by @Ideih