Friday, 19 December 2014

Under the mistletoe...

 ...not a boy, but a serious crush nonetheless. Meet my latest cosmetic love, Alexander Sprekenhus. From liquid gold argan oils to beautifully scented cleansers and super hydrating lotions, here is another scandi label to add to your list of favourites. And to keep all us product hoarders happy, the packaging is almost as yummy as the formulas concentrated within. We have ourselves a keeper folks!


Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Can't go wrong - NET A PORTER HOLIDAY

In the run up to Christmas, I suddenly get very fidgety about what constitutes a serious investment. It's funny because when I'm spending money on myself, I don't seem to mind whether a sartorial spoil  will constitute a real staple in the long run.

When I'm drawing up an x-mas wishlist to my loved ones, however, I try be a little less self-indulgent. My mother, for instance, will only buy something that will keep me warm (bonjour wool-blend wonder), while my sister insists on playing the matchy matchy game (brandy-hued eyewear to mirror new cognac toes, for instance, though sibling secret Santa rules require we stay well within the under-£250 spending cap). Meanwhile, the boys refuse to play up to my fashion standards and always find something fantastically geeky to throw my way.

That doesn't keep me from continuing to tell anyone who will listen that Net-A-Porter is the ultimate stocking filler. My voice carries pretty far too...did you get that North Pole?


Friday, 12 December 2014

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Micro trend: Roped in

From left to right: Hermès, Isabel Marant, Veronique Branquinho SS15

Trend ahoy! Forget your cosy cable knitwear a split sec, for I have news for you. There is a new recurring theme of note (knot?) in the land of Spring-Summer 15. Before we allow our wardrobes to get involved, however, it's always a good idea to check credentials.

 Surfing the nautical wave, fashion fanatics will have spotted cool-girl Isabel Marant, who knotted ropes atop bulky vests and jackets with effortless ease. In a simple twist on the usual garment belt, Veronique Branquinho also looped and tied cords to break up the feminine figures of her skirt and tulle ensembles. Curtain call came with Hermès, master of tasteful trendsetting, who closed the season with double-tie cinching over the simplest of draped suiting. 

Looks like the brownie years might come in handy after all.