Thursday, 26 March 2015

On fleek flares

Ph. Carola De Armas; Adam Katz Sinding

The expression "on fleek" is about to beat the dust, says Iggy. She is part of that closed category of street language coiners (includes rappers, serial viners, Fuck Jerry, anyone in Kimye's immediate entourage), that mere mortals like myself can barely understand. Not just when they speak mind, the rules of spelling don't apply to them either. Da fuq?! (I try). 

So "on fleek" may have run it's course. Even though I still don't know what it means.

But the flared jean has still many miles to go. Plus get this: serious research tells me that fleek actually means sleek. Just like this outfit - bar the heavy creases due to suitcase living that I forgot to iron out. 

The moral of this story: if you can't speak like a 2015 bae, try dressing like a neo-seventies babe.


Jacket: H&M Studio || Knit: Club Monaco || Tee: H&M || Jeans: ACNE (in black here) More white flares here) || Shoes: Chloe || Clutch: Celine || Vintage scarf: YSL


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Industrial accents

Candle || Lamp || Rug || Stool - all French Connection Home

After spending a whole month gallivanting across the globefrom Lincoln Centre's sub-zero slushy grounds to Somerset House's heel-hostile cobblestones, not forgetting the Tuileries' lethal sinking-sandsit is no wonder my immediate instinct upon getting back to London was to lock myself in and throw away the key.

Generally speaking, it goes the other round. My friends will tell you that the propensity to which I find myself unable to access my own flat has reached epic proportions in the last year. The joke being that I don't actually own a key to the building, but merely claim affiliation to the E2-postcode so as to benefit from extra street credentials (hipster Shoreditch will do that for you). 

So imagine everyone's surprise when they realised that not only was I back in the country (and was planning on remaining put for longer than a minute), but also that I was to be found at said address, where I was currently playing happy families with my furniture. No dashing off to Heathrow. No camping out at Shoreditch House. No running back to West London.

At home. 

Fashion fatigue will do that to a person. Snapchat (follow camtyox!) be my witness, this city-craweller is currently chopping broccoli and chilli for some homemade soup and has switched the tabs on her computer to homeware purveyors only. 

For home is where the heart is and my great love is London. How convenient, then, that some of my favourite labels have branched out into lifestyle. Perhaps I won't be needing to switch up those bookmarks after all. And how refreshing that my basket shows no sign of the latest it-tee. Instead a marble table and industrial lamp. Is this what growing up feels like?


Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Mica Mania

Mica Arganaraz by Willy Vanderperre for Vogue China - April 2015 

With her unruly curls, boyish elegance and rebel-may-care attitude, Argentinian model Mica Arganaraz was a firm fixture both on and off the runway these last few weeks. The androgynous beauty debuted the season on the men's catwalk (See: Givenchy; Haider Akermann; Prada), and went on to walk in every noteworthy FW15 ready-to-wear story, including personal favs Vuitton, Loewe and Isabel Marant.

That's 54 shows in total (!), but who's counting?

All I know is I can't get enough of her strong features, which for all their singularity (she is so much more than your average girl-next-door) seem to provide an inspiring blank canvas for designers, photographers and stylist to play around with.

Can't wait to see what campaigns she lands. Huge crush. 


Beige matters

Ph. Candice Lake

Running the gamut from soft olive to cafe au lait hues, desaturated taupe to barely there nudes, here is the entire toneless content of my wardrobe, thrown together in a bid to make beige happen. 

For beige matters. 

In fact, this brown-ish variation on the now infamous "fifty shades of..." colour story is by far the most alluring way to pair your neutrals this season. The trick is to pick each garment a semi-tone darker than the last, and fearlerssly pile on the layers.

Jacket: H&M || Dress: Joseph || Turtleneck: Reformation || Boots: Topshop (more sizes here) || Bag: Ralph Lauren