Monday, 5 October 2015

After-hours express - NET A PORTER

Ph. Instagram

Can we please take a minute of silence to acknowledge the absolute flawless service provided by our fashion friends over at NET-A-PORTER. Many a last-minute outfit crisis was immediately solved by their next day delivery black vans. Thank you. 

In collaboration with NET-A-PORTER.


Wednesday, 30 September 2015

A suit to travel in

Twenty fifteen's very own Big Brother/Eye of Sauron (formally re-christned Instagram for political reasons, namely hide true intent to destroy civilisation) tells me that Paul Smith's presentations have been pretty high-octane of late.

Just to be clear, that is not high-fashion jargon for pop-bright clothes parading at super speedy catwalk mph. No, high octane means high octane. As in, extreme sport daredevils, roped in by the brand to give your traditional fashion week presentation an extra spin. Spin being the correct way of putting it, as cast "models" were in this instance professional BMX athletes bouncing off the walls, or world-class olympians pirouetting around the room.

Now, Sir Paul's 360-degree approach to designing is hardly news. His support of art, sport, music, film, and even the science industry is what gives his own line such resonating depth and that quintessentially British quirkiness we all love. He is a true character; one that merges all his interests to create an end-product that will never have you tempted to hit the snooze button.

So although this unconventional way to show off his clothes may not come as a real surprise, be assured, there is a method to the madness --beyond scoring a few more likes than the rest of us on Instagram that is. Here it is: Paul Smith has designed a suit that is meant to be lived in. Run and catch the tube in. Dance-until-dawn-when-after-work-G&Ts-get-ever-so-slightly-out-of-hand in.

A suit, in his own words, to travel in.

And because I have no imagination whatsoever (and would rather not dig out the old ice skates --my team won silver in the French Synchronised Skating Championships back in 1999! Would I make this up?), I took the old genius literally, and opted for this rather standout plane outfit on my way back from NYFW.

I slept like a baby, business class aiding.

Sadly though, no paps waiting on the other end to immortalise, so I went for the usual self-promotional tool. Instagram, look what has become of us (me!)...

But my, don't that two-piece look good!

Blazer: Paul Smith || Pants: Paul smith || Top: Bella Freud || Sneakers: Feiyue

In collaboration with Paul Smith.


Monday, 28 September 2015

I Loewe you

J.W. Anderson continues to piece together the perfect wardrobe over at Loewe. Next up on the lust list, the ever-so-fittingly christened puzzle bag. A street style star in the making, no question. Join the game before it's too late.