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Mono ManiaMonday, November 30 2015

Mono cuffs Anna Quinn fullMono cuffs Anna Quinn portraitMono cuffs Anna Quinn collage

This is not an incentive to lip-lock with as many strangers as possible in the hope of having a real excuse to give your boss when asked why you won’t be making it in for the third time this week. Though let’s be honest, mistletoe helping, there should be plenty of that going on in the run-up to Christmas. Kissing—not infectious diseases—I mean!

 If you were ever concerned that my gloriously-green fantasy-fur sleeves and standout-out super-cuffs were not going to attract enough dirty stares on the street, look again. That’s right, there’s me (surprise, surprise!) endorsing fashion latest: the theoretically chic, effectively obnoxious monogram detail.

Don’t miss me. CC, for the world to see.

Name-dropping at its most cringe. Or another brick in the sacred wall dedicated to the cult of self (I speak metaphorically here, though Facebook is also a hotspot for such behaviour).

This comes just as my newly updated version of iOS9 tells me via automacically sorted folder that I have 1814 selfies saved on my Apple powered device. Not sure what I am meant to do with this piece of information (besides smashing my phone into a thousand pieces for my own and everyone else’s sake). Surely, two extra embroidered initials can’t make my case any worse?

In fact, those comparatively discreet navy letters seem like the lesser of two self-loving evils. And let’s face it, that shirt is nothing short of fantastic. Though me saying so implies I think I have great taste. Hum, I’m digging my own hole here, aren’t I?

I see a possible trade-off. Less front-facing camera action; more personalised wear. It’s not going to save society from itself, but it may be a good place to start.

Does that mean I can have a mono-basket too? And a few extra stickers, please!


Jacket: Saks Potts || Shirt: Anna Quan ||  Jeans: Monki || Boots: Acne Studios (budget here) || Bag: Loewe || Sunnies: Celine  --- Ph. Seb Berthold


19 Greek StreetThursday, November 26 2015

Remy Martin pop-up Greek Street

As you must know, I have been part of the Remy Cointreau family for almost a year now, and was delighted to receive an invitation to meet Remy Martin, the more spicy (—and dare I say it, without risking the wrath of my fellow feminists—masculine) older sibling of my favourite lady liqueur, the zesty Cointreau.

Passing the doors of the ephemeral club at 19 Greek Street, I was led up to The Atelier on the third floor. Here, an intimate group was introduced to the wonderfully rich-tasting flavours of the XO Excellence cognac, paired with decadent foods like dark chocolate, figs, truffles and aged parmesan.

The interactive tasting, which involves sight and touch, as well as taste and smell, left me with a powerful crush on this silky eau-de-vie. Did I just graduate to adulthood?


La Maison Rémy Martin is open from 4pm – midnight, 3rd–27th November.  To apply for membership, visit  

Knot trickyThursday, November 19 2015

Joseph Elie dress Lyst

While the sweater-scarf remains a directional technique to pile on the layers, it is by no means the only way to make use of your sleeves this Fall (God forbid arm-through-hole is the only way you wear yours these days!).

To cut the Gordian knot, you will need to start practicing your ties. No need to travel all the way back to ancient Greece. The 90s will suffice.

Elevate a regular dress to the realm of high fashion in less time than it takes to master the shoe-lace knot. By my calculations, you won’t even need an extra knit; only Joseph’s sell-out Elie dress—an old flame reborn from the ashes of the label’s covetable archive. Its clever inbuilt waist-tie will allow you to look the part without inheriting a Kardashian-esque break-the-internet sort of bum in the process.

Colour-wise, I currently find myself in a grey state of mind, but feel free to adapt to any neutral that tickles your fancy.

Knot so tricky in the end, eh?


Dress: Joseph || Jacket: Sportmax || Shoes: Celine

Win your own Elie dress over at Lyst – details here.

McQueen mafiosoWednesday, November 18 2015


Keeping it real in cable and kicks. Don’t mess with me, etc…

Baby got backTuesday, November 17 2015

Styleby December 2015

Arguably the most beautiful part of a women’s body, currently in the spotlight , no matter which way you look at it. From back to front shirting to deep cleavage backward dressing, this season we like it from behind.


Ph. Styleby Issue 37 - December 2015