Thursday, 31 July 2014

Oat couture

Ok not quite... but the pun was too good to pass and quite frankly the dollar sign on some of these knits (The Row, I'm looking at you!) commends the haute appellation.

I certainly will be telling myself that these woollen wonders are worth a few extra angsty hours on the phone with the bank, if only because they tell this season's unmissable colour story: hearty oatmeal.


Consciously Uncoupling

CR Fashion book / Louis Vuitton  

"Before leaving the house, you should always take a look in the mirror and take one thing off." Or so once said Mademoiselle Chanel, presumably not expecting her words to resonate so literally in the world of twenty fourteen.

But literally is exactly how you should take them this season, as the Fall 2014 runways welcomed back the statement earring. Singular.

Careful now. I don't mean "fashion singular", even though there's always a lot of that going on around here, as apparently it makes you sound more fashion literate. Aren't we all guilty of using the lingo to secure our place amongst the FROW-ers? For those who aren't, let me explain: in this world, never is a pair of shoes described as "a pair of shoes". It is always "a shoe". Or "a pretty pump". Better yet, "a bit of a heel". Same goes for trousers, dungarees and jeans. Heck, one learns very fast that anyone who is anyone "works a red lip" or "loves a statement print". Make no mistake(s), and divorce the plural before anyone questions your industry credentials. (Just don't start saying a 'sunglass' or a 'short', that's just ridiculous.).

But this earring is just that. An earring. One earring.

For in this case, Celine and Louis Vuitton's (below) singular was not a linguistic affectation, but rather a stylistic coup so as to update the current lobe-centric jewellery story that every girl has been taking part in of late (I'm not the only one to have punched a few extra holes in this yearam I right or am I right?).

So make sure you lace up both of your super-trendy Supergas before you do the morning coffee run, but always refer to them as 'sneaker du jour' when in public (and by "in public", I mean on Instagram). And let it be known that your one directional mono-earring is no random act of madness. No, siree. It is proof of your commitment to a trend.

Consciously uncoupling.

Thank you Gwen, thank you Chris, for coining the perfect term so that the rest of us may also share our lifestyle choices with the world. Your words were not in vain. 

Louis Vuitton Fall-Winter 2014 via


Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Stella by way of Stockholm

Fighting the heat-wave in a little white number, that could almost be mistaken for one of Stella's drop-waist dresses, and a dangerously discounted pair of Wangs.

 I refuse to spend more on summer items when London weather means that I barely have time to break a sweat before it's time to layer again.

Plus I'm currently saving for a certain sweater that will be seriously denting my fiscal fitness for the next 10 years. Hence the need to cut corners in July.

Summer sun: 1-Summer style: 1.

I believe that takes us through to overtime. Meet me by the pool?


Fast-forward to Fall

Denim dreams

A few items I am adding to my ever-growing list of pre-Fall favourites.