Thursday, 28 May 2015

Icons of Style

 It is not everyday that one of the world's best loved designers invites you to a style talk with his ultimate leading ladies (Kate Hudson, Ali MacGraw, Rene Russo), followed by cocktails and dinner at The Ivy.

 When the invitation to attend 'Icons of Style'—a popcorn fuelled soiree, hosted by Michael Kors himself, to celebrate the role played by fashion in contemporary film—popped through my e-letter box, I barely had time to string together an intelligible (let alone polite) response, before my enthusiastic 'YES!' was already tearing back to them through the cyber waves.

 I blame high speed internet.

 And my crazy-quick cellphone-trained opposable thumbs. (My friends joke they are the only toned part of my body).

 So when the team, unfazed by my clear lack of social etiquette, suggested I come and pick out an outfit to wear on the night, I gave up all pretence of cool, and imparted the modern equivalent of a real hug. That's right: a string of hysterically happy emoji faces, followed by numerous kissing lips, high five hands and one or two fireworks for good measure.

 It was OK though, Team Michael Kors is cool with the emoji keyboard. In fact, they are up-to-the-minute on digital all round. Just take a look at their shoppable Instagram account if you need convincing.

 But back to me.

 After spending more time than was entirely necessary trying on the collection and trawling through Harrods to find the best spot for a worthy social media shot (those pants fit way too good not to share), I finally settled for an evening look that I loved. Chic with just the right amount of leg showing. Feminine enough to look like a Michael Kors girl; not so much so that I no longer looked like myself.

 And the night in a nutshell? Kate wore the sparkly pyjama jumpsuit from the runway (NEED!). Michael revealed he and I shared the same style icon (Audrey Hepburn) and Abba (yes you read that right) made a comeback as we downed tequila shots.

 Two words: thank you (and an army of *Monkey covering Face Emoji*).


In collaboration with Michael Kors.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Noir désir

My penchant for little lace numbers shows no sign of waning, therefore it's always nice to add newbies to my lingerie arsenal (especially as my love for house chores shows no promise, so best to stock up! Funny that, how laungerie and laundry sound the same..).

British luxury label Myla (the very same that is offering a chance to win Chaumet diamonds for every purchase) is the last to have caught my décolleté's attention. Make sure you leave that shirt unbuttoned! 


Part 2/3 of a collaboration with Myla London

On the Street

Monday, 25 May 2015

Palme d'Or

Before I took off for sunnier climes and red carpet adventures, the Maje team invited me in-store to discover the brand's summer capsule. Hoping to catch some rays, I opted for a gold one-piece and rainbow-fringed scarf (beachwear provides the perfect excuse for colour!). Unfortunately, the weather was less than favourable in the South of France, so the Gypset collection and I had to take a rain check. The rooftop pool at Shoreditch House might just be the perfect spot to debut these skin-baring pieces. To be continued...

In collaboration with Maje