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Pink PlayersMonday, September 5 2016

Pink players

I’ve always had three fairly straightforward rules when it comes to the colour pink:

1. Stay away, unless absolutely necessary;

2. If absolutely necessary (i.e. on Tuesday’s), indulge in an understated manner: less head-to-toe Barbie and more Acne paper shoppers (presumably filled with basic scandi-clothing of the non-pigmented variety);

3. If wearing pink (as oppose to accessorising with chic pink carrier) cannot be avoided, please ô pretty please, no clashing tones.

That was then.

Then Alessandro Michele happened, I got back together with Gucci (we we’re on a break), and am all lovey dovey again and simply can’t get enough of la vie en rose. Get this: pink metallics just made it onto my shoe shelf! Not in an ironic way, might I add.

Game over team monochrome! Looks like you officially just lost this match (made-in-heaven). Life as we know it got a whole lot brighter, and suddenly if feels like FW13 all over again. This calls for some Berstein. Sing-along-now!

Life potionTuesday, August 30 2016

This is what you get when you give a commercial to an auteur and a huge hit of Kenzo to your model on set. Freedom of expression, creativity and quirkiness have always been at the heart of the French Maison, and it looks like we finally have the magic potion to makes us feel the part, not just look it.

Spike Jonze is a genius, and I want whatever Margaret Qualley is on to get me through the week – wait actually, make that to get me through life.

This could go down as the best perfume commercial ever made (and let’s be honest, 99% of all music videos out there). More of this kind of thing please, world [edited: my entry here].



Kenzo World by Spike Jonze.

Update your trend talk 101Friday, August 26 2016

When Harrods asked if I would weigh in on how to wear the trends this season, I thought it might be worth adapting my wording to current times. Less fashion jargon, more practical info. And by practical, I obviously mean social medial, or how to spread the #OOTD FOMO all day erryday.

For thy that hasn’t been instagramed was never worn, am I right or am I right? Hashtag outfit goals.

Who Wore it Better ?


Harrods Earth tones Matchy-matchy dressing is not news, but updating your one-colour combo to earthy hues (Fall’s new favourite) will def propel you to the top of your fashion game. Statuesque posing, however, is no longer enough to ensure that double tap. Posing by a similarly clad statue, on the other hand, will. Insta-gold.

Wearing Stella McCarney Jacket and pants; Chloe boots

Shop Earth tones.



Wear-Your-Blanket-to-Work Day.


Harrods Outerwear

Because Monday ce n’est pas mon day. Because your brain never works at the beginning of the week so caption writing should never take more than five seconds of your time. Because #thestruggleisreal, always. Turn your most oversized coat into the cosiest of duvet’s and pretend you are still in bed. Just remember, you do have to leave the house and make it into work or your boss might report the post. Or your sorry ass.

Wearing Max Mara coat; Acne T-shirt; Gucci boots and Alexander Wang denim

Shop Maxi Coats

It’s a Girl. 


Trends Nudes Gender fluidity might be so-hot-right now, but it’s nice to go back to basics and show the two chromosome you were afforded at birth some love. Be a real girl for a change: embrace your softer side in head-to-toe creamy pastels and just wait for the free hugs.

Wearing Stella McCartney knit and dress;

Shop pastels.  

Hide the Ketchup. 

Harrods All White

Cozy enough to count as PJs, haute enough for you to feel like the superhero of the house (LaundryWoman really should get more airtime), this one works best for lazy freelancers and/or deluxe homeowners. Warning: for those like myself who tend to wear their lunch rather than eat it, this is not the day to attempt a #foodporn shoot, no matter how sexy your chilli flaked avo-on-toast is looking.

Wearing The Row cape; Paige jeans; Gucci loafers and The Row turtleneck.

Shop capes.


In partnership with Harrods.

La femme RykielThursday, August 25 2016

Sonia Rykiel


Perhaps it has something to do with my never ending love of stripes (as it should be -a line is infinite after all). Or the fact that despite her quintessentially Parisian attitude, she always got her girls to laugh and dance during their catwalk finales. Or maybe it was the hair.

There are many fashion icons out there, but Sonia Rykiel really stood out to me as a true legend. The Queen of Knitwear, aka practical clothes. (I’ve always had a soft spot for jumpers, and I probably owe them being taken seriously on the high fashion scene to her).

Today we mourn the passing of one of France’s greatest designers. For those of you who did not know her well, I urge you to watch Loic Prigent’s wonderful documentary ‘Le Jour d’Avant… Sonia Rykiel’. It takes you back to the surprise (and very much tear-jerking) hommage paid to her by her daughter and other fellow designers to mark her celebration of 4o years on the runway. It will make your heart melt. May she rest in peace.

London layersWednesday, August 10 2016

Camille Charriere Frances Davison-3Camille Charriere Frances Davison-2Camille Charriere Frances Davison-18

Oatmeal hues and 90s style layering now am back home. Summer layering at its best.