Camille Over the Rainbow

The Kid from MinneapolisThursday, April 21 2016


An inspiration to the world of fashion, just as much as music.

A born legend, you were, once in a lifetime.

Crying purple tears.

Rest in peace, Prince.



Ph. London, 1992 --- Henrietta Butler via Vanity Fair  

Fila-rtfully disheveledMonday, April 11 2016



Fila Camille portrait

The fashion industry is quick to turn up its nose at sportswear labels gone chavy. Just think how long it took the Lacoste polo shirt to recover from its official ASBO uniform days. Or Reebok classics from breaking free of their Spice Girl years. And yet, both are fully back on the scene, with croc insignia spotted on some of Paris’ chicest it-girls (salut Aymeline Vallade!), and white lace-ups the newly appointed shoe of Scandi-minimal nirvana.

In fact, the rougher the brand, the higher the odds for a high-impact comeback. As if Fashion’s snazzy followers regularly need a break from decadent Gucci pleats and wonderfully luxurious billion-dollar Chloe silks, in an effort to look real. During these good taste time-outs, anything goes.

Cue my Fila-rtfully disheveled look of the day.

Fila Camille full

Dem dungs do


Dungarees: LEVIS (more options here) || Knit: FILA (more sportswear)|| Sneakers: Celine || Hoops: Cartier || Necklace: Amulette de Cartier  --- Ph. Andrew Woffinden

Bankable bichromaticsWednesday, April 6 2016


Your weekly dose of bi-chromatic essentials, brought to you by my colour-blind eye.

A formula I will never tire of (…and repeatedly break the bank for!)

HeadlinerTuesday, April 5 2016

Coachella Acne studio jacket

Nobody puts baby in the corner. Certainly not when she’s wearing an electrifying blazer as per the above. One of those instances where you never realised how badly you needed something until you meet face to face. Or back to face, as the case may be.

I do believe this is why the term #GOALS was coined. Unless you have two thousand squid lying about to drop on world tour worthy item of clothing?

**Howls, as slips back into own boring black blazer**

On the plus side, countdown to Coachella starts NOW!

Cheeky ChucksMonday, April 4 2016

converse full

What is as timeless as the words of Shakespeare (peek my favourite quote from ‘Romeo and Juliet’ below), comfier than mom jeans and as boy friendly (meaning, they just love you in them) as gold gipsy hoops? You guessed it: Converse All Stars.

Pictured here on the last day of shows during LFW, when I gave up all sense of pretence, and took my freshly machine washed old friends for a spin. For there is no better wingman than Chuck Taylor, and no place where you need a trusty ally more than fashion week.