Thursday, 27 November 2014

Three make a trend

Ph. Eva K Salvi

When bored on a Thursday, I suggest introducing three of this season's most catchy trends to one another, and see how easily you can get from A to B without raising the alarm.

Take camel blocking, knitted sweatpants (the perfect Thanksgiving gift courtesy of Marc, Phoebe & Stella), and the fringe frenzy that is spreading faster than Beyonce's latest music video, for instance. Put them all together in a room. Leave simmer for a bit, just enough for them to blend as one. And boom, you've just cooked up your very own street(style) feast.

They say three is a trend. I say three make a trend.
Food for the thought, to be enjoyed on the side, with your Turkey tonight.

Bon appétit.


Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Black heat

Subway silks

Harper's Bazaar China by Jonas Bresman - July 2014
Harper's Bazaar China - July 2014

Part blazer, part tent, this exquisite double-breasted jacket signé Dior is hardly your average commuter uniform. In fact, were I ever to get my hands on such an exquisitely crafted piece of white satin, I would probably not be so bold as to take it for a ride on the tube. 

Come to think of it, given my track record, I should never be allowed near immaculate whites, satiny or otherwise. In fact, I have recently rediscovered the lighter shadescamel, grey, beige, clayin a major way, and let me tell you, the dry cleaning budget is far above my wildest calculations (my Malbec tendencies are the main culprit here). Until all-black is back on the cards, I think we shall be sticking to high street for a bit.

Time to rekindle the love-affair with ASOS white, then. This bear-illiant bomber could be a good place to start. Nothing like a cuddly coverup to say sorry for recent months of neglect.


Monday, 24 November 2014

La montre

As I stepped into the impossibly chic candlelit apartment on rue de Varenne, where a beautiful assortment of painfully cool models, musicians and architects, as well as the world's glossiest journalists, had gathered to celebrate the launch of Isabel Marant's latest it-ccessory, I could not help but wonder what it might feel like to always get things so right.

For her first foray into the world of timekeeping, the Parisian designer imagined a super-sleek, super-discrete watch. The classic style, pictured above, is in fact the replica of her late father's slim-lined timepiece. Soberly dubbed 'La montre', of which 1000 only will be available, it encompasses everything the Marant-girl stands for: timeless, androgynous, with a large dollop of that famous oh-so-French attitude. 

And it was not just the celebrated piece that seemed to receive the general seal of approval. The dinner itselfan ode to Thanksgiving with a French twist by acclaimed chef Bruno Verjuslasted well into the night. And when the time came to leave, we all pulled our sleeve (attendees had all followed the tacit dress-code that comes with the territory: oversized knitwear paired with loose-fit pants, and a mini or two) over the face of our new clock, and headed chez Castel to dance the rest of the night away. 

Ph. Saskia Lawaks for VOGUE Paris

Many thanks to Isabel Marant, KCD Paris and NET-A-PORTER for having me.