Camille Over the Rainbow

Hate to see you go…Sunday, October 23 2016


… love to watch you leave!

Fall-se alarmWednesday, October 12 2016


Easing into Fall with a few not-so-basic basics in my favourite not-so-bright palette. I’m still digesting the tidal wave of untried ideas brought to us by Hurricane Fashion Month. More on that soon, though let’s not rush into anything. New trends, I have decided, need to be absorbed before we introduce them to our entourage (you don’t meet the parents on the second date!).

Meanwhile, as I settle back into old habits, here are my three trendy friends that I am staying committed to, as they will keep us entertained regardless of all the new: safety bucklessuper sleeves and frayed hems.

Love at first stripeTuesday, October 4 2016

… (or should that be site?)



We French women are a passionate bunch. We believe in love at first stripe… and when true love hits, there is no stopping the whirlwind of romance that inevitably follows finding the one.

So when I stumbled upon this gorgeous little lightweight turtleneck on 160 5th Avenue (that’s the other thing about us frenchies: we do like a good basic and Club Monaco makes them just right!), I knew there would be no keeping the two of us apart.

And because all good love stories deserve being told, I thought I would share everything my beloved turtleneck and I got up to in my number one city.

Hint: we did a lot more than blissfully parade our happy selves to a few fashion shows. That said, we did run into the rest of its chic sibblings at Grand Central, where Club Monaco presented its first ever collection. As love at first sight would have it, all runway pieces were immediately available to take straight home from the flagship store, for a lifetime of happiness. Aninna and Raniko make for wonderful names should we decide to start a family, don’t you agree?




Where to gossip over last night’s party without being overheard by the fashion set :
Mud Spot

Where to order an eggcellent hangover cure :

Where to pick up an almond milk latte in suitably instagenic coffee cup :

Where to run into Kanye & Ko :
Mercer hotel



Where to get the best waffle in town on cheat day :
Clinton Street Bakery

Where to spend all your mortgage #ZeroFucksGiven :
The Line

Where to pick-up branded memorabilia :
What Goes Around Comes Around

Where to Satisfy that random sushi craving :
Sushi on Jones

Where to dance on tables until silly-O’Clock whatever your wake up call :
Paul Baby Grand

Where to head after-hours (disclosure: impossibly tight doorguys in the way of you and your last cocktail :
Cabin Down Under






Wearing Club Monaco turtleneck thoughout with: Look 1. Club Monaco trench, vintage jeans, Chanel Bag. Look 2. Club Monaco skirtThe Row bag, Robert Clergerie loafers Look 3. Victoria Beckham bustierClub Monaco pantsGianvito Rossi Shoes. Look 4. Club Monaco Coat, Vetements jeans, Dorateymur boots

Pink PlayersMonday, September 5 2016

Pink players

I’ve always had three fairly straightforward rules when it comes to the colour pink:

1. Stay away, unless absolutely necessary;

2. If absolutely necessary (i.e. on Tuesday’s), indulge in an understated manner: less head-to-toe Barbie and more Acne paper shoppers (presumably filled with basic scandi-clothing of the non-pigmented variety);

3. If wearing pink (as oppose to accessorising with chic pink carrier) cannot be avoided, please ô pretty please, no clashing tones.

That was then.

Then Alessandro Michele happened, I got back together with Gucci (we we’re on a break), and am all lovey dovey again and simply can’t get enough of la vie en rose. Get this: pink metallics just made it onto my shoe shelf! Not in an ironic way, might I add.

Game over team monochrome! Looks like you officially just lost this match (made-in-heaven). Life as we know it got a whole lot brighter, and suddenly if feels like FW13 all over again. This calls for some Berstein. Sing-along-now!

Life potionTuesday, August 30 2016

This is what you get when you give a commercial to an auteur and a huge hit of Kenzo to your model on set. Freedom of expression, creativity and quirkiness have always been at the heart of the French Maison, and it looks like we finally have the magic potion to makes us feel the part, not just look it.

Spike Jonze is a genius, and I want whatever Margaret Qualley is on to get me through the week – wait actually, make that to get me through life.

This could go down as the best perfume commercial ever made (and let’s be honest, 99% of all music videos out there). More of this kind of thing please, world [edited: my entry here].



Kenzo World by Spike Jonze.