Camille Over the Rainbow

Hiding from realityWednesday, January 11 2017

Back from my holiday and desperately trying to avoid all of my resolutions and responsibilities, at least for one more day. The only solution is head-to-toe black, to better melt into my dark London surroundings. How long does Winter last again?


Jacket: Courreges || Skirt: Courreges (or budget here and red) || Turtleneck: Mango || Boots: Jimmy Choo (more styles here) SHOP VINYL HERE.

Orange you after a bargain?Friday, December 23 2016

No black, but nonetheless all solid investments to add to your neutral tally of wardrobe basics. And all at bargain price, since carefully curated from the dark hole that is the internet’s boxing day sale.




Ciao FrancaFriday, December 23 2016

“I listen, but I must go my own way.”

Yesterday we lost one of fashion’s only true rebels, one of the industrie’s most powerful voices: Vogue Italia‘s Botticelli-esque editor-in-chief, Franca Sozzani.

Franca believed that fashion is never just about the clothes or even pure escapism for that matter, but also could –and should– have its say within the political, social and economical sphere. She filled the pages of Vogue with photographs “inspired” by such disturbing topics as rape or domestic violence, modern society’s obsession with plastic surgery and the catastropic BP oil spill, making her magazine impossible to ignore within the global conversation.

She passed away at an ageless 66, leaving behind an incredibly compelling visual language for the magazine that she truly dedicated her life to.  An irreplaceable soul — RIP.


Ph. via Vogue Italia.

Fashion : No Filter – The TeaserTuesday, December 6 2016

Behind the scenes of the most anticipated release of the year. Just joking, of course, though we do hope that after months of building up the hype, when Fashion: No Filter finally does go live, you like it as much as we do.

What’s that I hear? Only one week til launch? Yikes!

Memory LaneFriday, December 2 2016

tory-burch-backpack-nov-16-atory-burch-backpack-nov-16-dtory-burch-backpack-nov-16-e tory-burch-backpack-nov-16-gtory-burch-backpack-nov-16-f

I’m not normally one for nostalgia. Onwards and upwards — always — is this Little Miss Digital’s motto. But with the current state of global affairs, the future is not necessarily something I want to be thinking about right when I roll out of bed in the morning. Hence the impromptu flashback to my high-school years, since traveling back through time via my sartorial pursuits seems like the more optimistic solution. It’s that or denial.

If you know, you know: we’re back in 1999, praying to the weather gods that it doesn’t start pouring, or your live-in super-flares will instantly get wet through to your knees, with zero hope of drying until the end of the day (cue frostbite). Effortless top-knot, faux-innocent gingham print and mandatory matching backpack in tow, and we’re off. Most probably, the only thing to worry about today is whether the girls are still mad about me spending to much time with the boy (and what’s for lunch, obvs).

Roll on world.

In partnership with Tory Burch — Croc backpack available exclusively at Westfield London.