Camille Over the Rainbow

Brighton upFriday, April 27 2018

When I first moved to London, I thought I would be whisking off to Brighton any spare minute I got. Healthy seaside walks followed by cheap fish and chips would be a fixture in this new grown up life of mine.

Well, it turns out the only time I have ever managed to get myself on one of the town’s pebbly beaches was a few summers ago. England was playing France in the World Cup and I somehow go it into my head that the only authentic way to enjoy the match was in a greasy wetherspoons, surrounded by proper hooligans and loud chanting. So we went. But England lost, and I left disappointed that I hadn’t got to relive some of that 1998 magic I experienced when France beat Brazil. When the match was over, the ex and I despondently wondered onto the peer, but the chips had no flavour, and I have never ventured back.

So imagine how thrilled I was when Jonathan Anderson (no less!) invited me to join him for dinner as he unveiled his latest capsule for easywear pro Uniqlo.

The collection, all stripes, asymmetrical hems and bucket hats (a Frenglish girl’s dream come true), was way more woop worthy than any goal scoring could ever have been, fulfilling my lifetime theory that fashion is in fact to girls what football is for boys. I came home with a naughty seagull splashed across my jumper. Now that’s what I call a trip worth the trek.



Wearing: J. W. Anderson for Uniqlo jeans, socks and knit; Loewe bag and Rejina Pyo Blazer --- In partnership with Uniqlo.

Nobody puts Polo in the cornerMonday, April 23 2018


A timeless excuse for Monica and I to run around our two fav cities decked head to toe in this forever-loved heritage brand: to celebrate the 5oth anniversary of Polo Ralph Lauren’s ever classic mesh polo. We love you PRL, thank you ever so much for letting us take over your festivities and host some of London and Paris’ finest folk!





Video by Monica Urquijo Zobel; Music by Mathis Meyer --- In partnership with Polo Ralph Lauren

LogomaniaWednesday, April 18 2018

The last time designers felt the compulsion to punch brand iconography all over their creations was way back in the 90s. My first ever luxury purchase immediately comes to mind: a hand-me-down bartered off an ex-boyfriend’s younger sister, that never left my side, and that I probably still have somewhere at home.

Much has changed in the twenty-five (gulp!) odd years that set us apart. We were the last generation to experience life sans technology after all. Since then, while some (my mother) have tried (and failed) to teach us that logomania is synonym with bad taste, others (yup, that’s me again!) continue to nostalgically repost every Clueless meme they come across.

Fortunately the latest renaissance of the logo is not as ostentatious as all that. In fact, just like my first love, it is one to be thrown over any and every outfit, without a second thought, no matter the occasion or the time of day. Coach’s signature coated canvas, remixed and recontextualized, customized and personalized for spring 2018; taking the familiar and subverting it. A gentle nostalgia cross-pollinated with a mash-up that symbolizes new york city’s cultural worlds.

So yes mom, we still craving those stamped designer goods!

Sorry not sorry, I believe the kids say — err hashtag — nowadays!


Wearing: Trench: Coach; Jeans: ELV denim; Bag: Coach; Sneakers: Celine; Top: Coach --- Ph. Roo Kendall.

Coach & Keith sitting in a tree…Friday, April 6 2018





Coach and Keith sitting in a tree…

Little faceless guys running on walls, intertwining and supporting one another; one can almost sense their agitation…

We are in Keith Haring’s world. Or rather, we are wearing Coach’s homage to New York City and one of its most important street artists.

**Why am I talking about myself in the third person again? “Art is for everybody”, as the late Haring once famously said, so no need to be pedantic here. And since there is nobody else that is youer than you (another quote, this time by his — and my — personal fav, Dr. Seuss), I should stop we-ing you and just be me.

And although this « me » isn’t always one to don so much glitter, she is happy to make an exception when said glitter comes with pop-art heritage and sparkly deeper meaning. Although simple and cartoonish, Keith Haring’s drawings were highly symbolic and imbued with deep political meaning, tackling issues pertaining to race, sexuality, class, and drug culture. His bold illustrations gained notoriety through his playful bold graffiti in subway stations and translated into becoming positive notions of social change and fighting injustice. As his legacy shines bright through these funky Coach designs, the combination of his evocative work mixed alongside the American house’s leather craft seems to celebrate all the optimism of the big apple.

Eighties nostalgia done right!

In fact, these pieces are the perfect conversation starter with bold emblems juxtaposed against unexpected material choices of sequins, lace and, jersey playing nods to those days.
When was the last time a sequin had so much to say for itself?

Thought so!

#CoachCreateThursday, November 30 2017

It’s been a while, loyal arc-en-ciel dwellers. What can I say, life in the fast lane takes you places faster that you can utter the words ‘World Wide Web’, and before you know it, months have gone by without a little gander on this side of the rainbow. But we are still playing ahead of the curve over here.

Here’s the latest: Coach invited me to their colourful flagship store to taste their popular Craftmanship Bar. Just like everyone else, I’m basically a sucker for all things personalised; especially when it involves delicious leathers and emojis galore.

I was invited to select a bag out of their three iconic styles -‘The Dinky’, ‘The Saddle’ and ‘The Clutch’ — and customise it by adding tea roses, rivets, charms, emoji stamps… You name it, I *almost* added it. In the end though, I went instead with a cheeky metaphor, that serves to remind me about an upcoming trip to Tulum and the need for less junk food and more potassium in this not-so-finely engine, if I am to wow seagulls and local algae. That, plus a weekly trip to Bodyism should do the trick.

Now, let me here you say BA-NA-NAS…

A few details

1- Customising: Choose your iconic Coach bag, its details, the colors, the placement et voilà!

2- Personalising: Monogram your bag with letters, numbers or even with colorful and fun emoji stamps.

3- Souvenir pins: Funky charms and Coach’s signature ‘Tea Rose’ embellishment will make your bag even cooler.

4- Rivets and Stones: Handmade shiny shinies for extra glam.


Wearing: Michael Kors Blazer; Shrimps bag; Mango skirt; Mango boots. In partnership with Coach.